The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is asking all landowners to take the necessary steps to protect any paddock trees when burning stubble on their properties.

With fire restrictions recently lifting across most cropping areas in the Grampians, it’s expected there will be an increase in this type of activity over the coming weeks.

Grampians Regional Manager Natural Environment Programs, Michelle Butler said that “good preparation before burning stubble will avoid impacts to paddock trees.”

“Native trees are protected by law and there are ways to avoid damaging them,” Ms Butler said.

“Paddock trees contribute to a healthy farming landscape in many ways.

“Trees shelter important pollinators, store carbon, reduce wind impacts to crops and shade stock.

“Recent research shows that trees also have restorative benefits for people and directly add value to the landholders physical and mental health.

“Once lost, these trees are impossible to replace in a person’s lifetime. Good planning and management is crucial to ensure they are protected for the long term.
“DELWP recommends that you slash around the base of the tree to establish an adequate fire break, remove any woody debris from the base of the tree or wet the area around the tree before beginning your burn.
“Ensuring that you have adequate water on hand and the right equipment to extinguish the fire is also essential.”