The Blackheath-Dimboola Bulls’ A grade enjoyed a solid win to open their season, and while the return of the C grade team didn’t get the win, they did take their game to the second last over.

In the A grade match on the Dimboola Recreation Reserve, the Bulls batted first and finished their 40 overs with 163 for the loss of seven wickets. Brodie Cramer and Elliot Braithwaite shared the top score with 38 each, and Daniel Polack was close behind with 35. Brendon Marrs with 17 and Sam Polack with 12 were the others to make double figures in an even batting performance.

The Bulls’ bowlers also put in a consistent performance, with all seven used taking one wicket each. Malcolm Barry was the most economical, conceding just four runs from four overs, and Marrs conceded seven runs from his six overs. Cramer and Jordy Laverty both also only had two runs per over taken off their five and four overs, respectively.

At the end of their revised 31 overs, Rupanyup-Minyip had only made it to 73 for the loss of seven wickets, which was not enough to deny the Bulls the win.

At Coughlin Park in Horsham, the Blackheath-Dimboola returned to the C grade against Horsham Saints Black in a Twenty20 match.

After being asked to bat first, the Bulls scored 119 for the loss of seven wickets, with James Barry undefeated on 43 and Justin Beugelaar with 34 the significant contributors.

The reply was dominated by three wickets to Nathan Schorback, but five colleagues also took one each for the total of eight that fell before the Saints reached the target at the end of the penultimate over. Schorback also took two of the five catches taken in the innings.

Next week the B grade team will play Lubeck-Murtoa on the Murtoa Recreation Reserve, and the C grade will host Laharum at The Park.

Horsham Cricket Association - B Grade - Round 1- One Day Match

Blackheath-Dimboola won


H Youngct. C Midgleyb. S McCurdy4
D Polackct. N McIntyre   b. G Young35
B CramerCt. & b. H Weidermann  38
E Braithwaite  ct. B Hendyb. C Midgley3
S Polackct. N McIntyreb. C Midgley12
B Marrsst. N McIntyreb. L Funcke17
J Lavertynot out 7
G O’Connorlbwb. L Funcke0
M Barrynot out 1
Sundries  11
TOTAL(40 Overs)7 for 163

Rupanyup-Minyip Bowling

     O    M    R    W
B Hendy41160
S McCurdy5251
L Funcke51232
C Midgley80362
G Young50111
C Hurley41120
S Jonson20140
G Dunlop30180
H Weidermann  40241


M Krellerun out (E Braithwaite)    6
C Midgleyct. G O’Connorb. E Braithwaite  17
S Johnsonct. M Barryb. R Somers0
C Hurleyct. D Polackb. B Marrs0
G Youngct. B Marrsb. M Barry33
L Funckect. D Polackb. B Cramer3
N McIntyrect. &b. J Laverty1
H Weidermann  not out 2
G Dunlopnot out 7
Sundries  4
TOTAL(31 Overs)7 for 73

Blackheath-Dimboola Bowling

     O    M    R    W
B Marrs6471
R Somers  81321
E Braithwaite41111
B Cramer50101
M Barry  4241
J Laverty4181

Horsham Cricket Association - C Grade - Round 1- Twenty20 Match

Horsham Saints won by two wickets


L Hutchinson b. L Kuriakose  9
J Beugelaarct, D Hoganb. L Kuriakose34
A LavertyCt. L Kuriakose   b. J Joseph3
B Millerct. A Hedtb. L Kuriakose6
A Barry b. L Kuriakose0
D Sextonct. Joby Josephb. S Dalgleish0
A Clark b. L Kuriakose2
J Lovettnot out 3
J Barrynot out 43
Sundries  19
TOTAL(20 Overs)7 for 119

Horsham Saints Black Bowling

     O    M    R    W
Johnny Joseph2070
J Butler31190
L Kuriakose  30145
A Danaha30140
Joby Joseph30141
S Dalgleish3081
L Butler10200
D Hogan20130

Horsham Saints Black

L Kuriakosect. L Hutchinson   b. D Sexton6
D Hogan b. B Miller0
Joby Josephct. N Schorbackb. L Hutchinson  12
A Danaha b. A Clark4
S Dalgleishct. J Beugelaarb. N Schorback24
K Dalbleish ct. & b. A Laverty25
J Butlernot out 9
Johnny Joseph  lbwb. N Schorback4
A Hedt ct. & b. N Schorback7
A Sasidharannot out 2
Sundries  27
TOTAL(19 Overs)8 for 120

Blackheath-Dimboola Bowling

     O    M    R    W
D Sexton3091
L Hutchinson10201
B Miller3091
A Clark30101
J Beugelaar30350
A Laverty30211
N Schorback  20113
J Barry1050