Mixed results for the West Wimmera Warriors senior teams in round three of the Horsham Cricket Association season, with the C grade victorious over Laharum, but the A grade fell short to the strong Homers team.

On the Sunnyside oval in Horsham, the A grade was invited to bowl first when Homers’ captain won the toss.

Tim Braendler did the early damage, taking the first three wickets and contributing to the fourth by combining with Trevor Polkinghorne to effect a run out.

Brad Alexander took one wicket in the middle of the innings, and it was Nathan Alexander who took the last four wickets to fall before Homers finished their 45 overs on 202 for the loss of 9 wickets.

Several valuable early partnerships in the Warriors innings saw them to 2 for 65, but six wickets for the addition of only another 21 runs had them struggling at 8 for 86.

A late-innings partnership of 33 between Liam Preston, who finished on 33 not out, and Austin Merrett (11) ushered the score into triple figures, but when the last wicket fell, they were still well short of the target.

Other double-figure contributions included 30 by Austin Smith and Brad Alexander’s 11.

Next weekend, the Warriors have the bye before they travel to Norajuha the following weekend to take on the Bullants.

The C grade Warriors remain undefeated after taking on Laharum at Davis Park on Saturday, which has them on top of the ladder after three rounds.

Batting first, the home team posted 8 for 118 in their twenty overs, with the scorecard dominated by Darcy Bullen, who retired not out on 50, and Nathan Sparling’s 16.

Although Laharum batted out their full twenty overs, some tight bowling kept them under the required scoring rate and restricted them to just 47 for the loss of 7 wickets. Wallace Wheaton only conceded two runs from his three overs.

Bone and Bailey Zimmermann took two wickets each, and Wheaton, Lochie Hahne, and Kyle Kuchel took one each.

Next Saturday, Horsham Saints Red will visit Davis Park, where they will be looking for their first win of the season.

Horsham Cricket Association - A Grade - Round 3 - One Day Game

Homers won by 74 runs


A Atwoodct. B McQueenb. T Braendler   23
P Millsct. B McQueenb. T Braendler8
J Hopperrun out (T Braendler/T Polkinghorne) 31
C Gamagect. T Polkinghorne   b. T Braendler0
L Deutscher   lbwb. B Alexander39
S Hopperct. A Merrettb. N Alexander31
L Millernot out 33
W Goudie b. N Alexander1
B Perry b. N Alexander0
J Nagorckact. L Prestonb. N Alexander4
J Officernot out 6
Sundries  26
TOTAL(45 overs)9 for 202

West Wimmera Warriors Bowling

     O    M    R    W
N Alexander  92234
A Smith92470
A Merrett91270
T Braendler82353
L Smith40120
L Albrecht20160
B Alexander30191
L Preston1070

West Wimmera Warriors

N Alexanderlbwb. J Officer8
M Dahlenburg b. B Perry3
A Smithct. J Officerb. C Gamage   30
B Alexanderlbwb. S Hopper11
L Prestonnot outnot out33
T Polkinghorne    b. S Hopper0
T Braendler b. C Gamage1
L Albrechtct. L Deutscher   b. C Gamage0
L Smithlbwb. C Gamage4
A Merrettct. J Hopperb. J Nagorcka11
B McQueen  0
Sundries  27
TOTAL(41.3 overs)128

Homers Bowling

     O    M    R    W
B Perry95101
J Officer6.32142
J Nagorcka  50311
C Gamage92294
S Hopper91262
L Millar30140

Horsham Cricket Association - C Grade - Round 3 - Twenty20 Game

West Wimmera Warriors won by 71 runs

West Wimmera Warriors First Innings

D Bullenretired not out 50
N Spaldingct. T Marchb. M Whelan16
L Hahnect. C Van Buuren   b. M Whelan9
T Mitchellct. J Matuschkab. B Foster4
W Wheaton b. C Whelan9
K Kuchel b. C Whelan4
Brady Alexander  ct. J Matuschkab. Z Van Buuren  7
D Schneiderrun out 0
J Crowhurstct. J Matuschkab. R Lane0
X Bonenot out 5
B Zimmermannnot out 0
Sundries  14
TOTAL(20 Overs)8 for 118

Laharum Bowling

     O    M    R    W
J Borlase00120
R Lane00141
T March00160
J Matuscha  2080
B Foster00251
M Whelan20112
J Hutchinson20140
C Whelan1062
Z Van Buuren1051

Laharum Innings

T Marchct. D Bullenb. X Bone4
M Whelan b. X Bone0
B Fosterct. X Boneb. B Zimmermann  0
J Matuschkact. K Kuchelb. B Zimmermann0
C Van Buuren  ct., B Zimmermann   b. W Wheaton7
J Hutchinson b. L Hahne7
T Murrayct. T Mitchellb. K Kuchel4
J Borlasenot out 17
R Lanenot out 1
Sundries  7
TOTAL(20 Overs)7 for 47

West Wimmera Warriors Bowling

     O    M    R    W
B Zimmermann  3082
X Bone3152
W Wheaton3221
L Hahne20101
D Schneider3090
K Kuchel3171
J Crowhurst3150