Dimboola and District Tennis Association’s third round of the season saw three one-sided results in a round where Antwerp entered the top four with a strong performance.

Harvest took its first casualty with Rainbow being forced to forfeit its clash against Warracknabeal as the three completed matches got underway with many new faces taking to the court.

Dimboola blooded some new players on the weekend in Melissa Howard and Lyla Barry, who were joined by Hopetoun’s first gamer in Kybe Bellinger, who filled in for Dimboola.

The association has seen numerous new players this season which has created added interest to the competition.

Hopetoun’s new captain in Lou White has recruited his brother Sam to the competition along with Shelby Monaghan. Jeparit has welcomed Michelle and Hannah Honeyman, while Warrack has turned to blood some youth and introduced Karter Nitschke to afternoon tennis.

Antwerp has added to their Women’s team with Courtney Newton and Celeste Erasmus, and Arkona continues to blood new players this year, introducing Kristen Klinge.

Saturday’s results saw Brim and Antwerp play four men and four women, with playing numbers being reduced due to a wedding affecting the availability of Antwerp players.

Antwerp was keen to make amends for their loss last week and dominated their opponent, taking away all five points, sending Brim out of the top four and climbing into fourth place themselves.

Jeparit continues to show they are keen for more finals action this season with a strong win over Arkona.

On their home courts, Jeparit claimed all five points to maintain their third position, dominating the men’s section after a tight mixed doubles section and an even ladies section.

Hopetoun completely dominated its clash against Dimboola, winning all five points and 20 sets for the day, 166 games to 75.

Ladder after Round 7

Warrack25  184.86
Hopetoun  25161.19

Round Seven Results

Antwerp 5 points, 14 sets, 108 games d Brim 0 points, 2 sets, 51 games.

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen, Tahlia Avery d Lachie Stewart, Casey Quick 7-6, Don Clark, Abbey Greug d Josiah Keam, Tia Credlin 7-5, Shane Bond, Alicia Albrecht d Lachie Golder, Merrily Keam 7-2, Nathan Albrecht, Celeste Erasmus lost to Patrick Lindsay, Erin Slater 6-7.

Men: T. Jorgensen, D. Clark d L. Stewart, J. Keam 7-6, S. Bond, N. Albrecht d L. Golder, P. Lindsay 7-4, T. Jorgensen, S. Bond d L. Stewart, L. Golder 7-3, D. Clark, N. Albrecht d J. Keam, P. Lindsay 7-4, T. Jorgensen, N. Albrecht d L. Stewart, P. Lindsay 7-1, D. Clark, S. Bond lost to J. Keam, L. Golder 4-7.

Ladies: A. Greig, A. Albrecht d C. Quick, T. Credlin 7-1, T. Avery, C. Erasmus d E. Slater, M. Keam 7-0, A. Greig, T. Avery d C. Quick, E. Slater 7-1, A. Albrecht, C. Erasmus d T. Credlin, M. Keam 7-3, A. Greig, C. Erasmus d C. Quick, M. Keam 7-1, A. Albrecht, T. Avery d T. Credlin, E. Slater 7-0.

Jeparit 5 points, 16 sets, 155 games d Arkona 0 points, 8 sets, 96 games.

Mixed: Ben Inkster, Ebony Spokes lost to Nick Pietsch, Elizabeth Klinge 6-7, Jarrod Newcome, Elly Schumann d Jonty Hunter, Meaghan Pohlner 7-3, Brett Schulze, Montanna Hutson d John O’Dwyer, Tracey Jorgensen 7-4, Max Inkster, Rebecca Schultz d Evan Hunter, Petra Wolthuis 7-3, Mick Preston, Michelle Honeyman d Luke Hunter, Joanne Wolthuis 7-0, Jake Smith, Erin Preston lost to Tonnis Wolthuis, Karen Hunter 6-7.

Men: B. Inkster, J. Newcombe d N. Pietsch, J. Hunter 7-2, B. Schulze, J. Smith d J. O’Dwyer, T. Wolthuis 7-5, M. Inkster, M. Preston d E. & L. Hunter 7-0, J. Newcombe, B. Schulze d N. Pietsch, E. Hunter 7-5, M. Preston, J. Smith d L. Hunter, T,. Wolthuis 7-4, B. Inkster, B. Schulze lost to N. Pietsch, J. O’Dwyer 5-7, J. Newcome, M. Preston d J. & L. Hunter 7-0, M. Inkster, J. Smith lost to E. Hunter, T. Wolthuis 6-7.

Ladies: E. Spokes, E. Schumann d E. Klinge, M. Pohlner 7-5, M. Hutson, E. Preston lost to T. Jorgensen, K. Hunter 6-7, R. Schultz, M. Honeyman d P. & J. Wolthuis 7-3, E. Schumann, M. Hutson lost to M. Pohlner, T. Jorgensen 6-7, E. Spokes, R. Schultz lost to E. Klinge, P. Wolthuis 5-7, M. Honeyman, E. Preston d J. Wolthuis, K. Hunter 7-1, E. Spokes, M. Hutson lost to E. Klinge, T. Jorgensen 3-7, E. Schumann, M. Honeyman d M. Pohlner, J. Wolthuis 7-1, R. Schultz, E. Preston d P. Wolthuis, K Hunter 7-1.

Dimboola 0 points, 4 sets, 75 games lost to Hopetoun 5 points, 20 sets, 166 games.

Mixed: Will Schilling, Jennie Hauselberger lost to Sam White, Remy George 5-7, Isaac & Breanna Eldridge lost to Mal McLean, Jonti George 6-7, Ash & Issy Clugston lost to Lou White, Trudi Cook 1-7, Jason Revell, Melissa Howard lost to Zac Robins, Nicole McLean 1-7, Lenny Eldridge, Kybe Bellinger (sub) d Tim McCormick, Abby White 7-4, Rob & Lyla Barry lost to Tristan Glare, Joanne Campbell 0-7.

Men: A. Clugston, R. Barry d S, White, M. McLean 7-6, W. Schilling, L. Eldridge lost to L. White, T. Glare 0-7, J. Revell, I. Eldridge d Z. Robins, T. McCormick 7-2, R. Barry, W. Schilling lost to M. McLean, L. White 1-7, A. Clugston, J. Revell lost to S. White, Z. Robins 2-7, I. & L. Eldridge lost to T. McCormick, T. Glare 4-7, A. Clugston, W. Schilling lost to S. & L. White 4-7, R. Barry, I. Eldridge lost to M. McLean, T. McCormick 2-7, J. Revell, L. Eldridge lost to Z. Robins, T. Glare 4-7.

Ladies: J. Hauselberger, I. Clugston lost to R. & J. George 1-7, B. Eldridge, L. Barry lost to T. Cook, J. Cambell 6-7, K. Bellinger, M. Howard lost to N. McLean, A. White 2-7, I. Clugston, B. Eldridge lost to J. George, T. Cook 1-7, J. Hauselberger, K. Bellinger lost to R. George, N. McLean 3-7. M. Howard, L. Barry lost to A. White, J. Campbell 2-7, J. Hauselberger, B. Eldridge d R. George, T. Cook 7-4, I. Clugston, M. Howard lost to J. George, A. White 0-7, K. Bellinger, L. Barry lost to N. McLean, J. Campbell 2-7.

Rainbow forfeited to Warracknabeal.