Dimboola and District Tennis Association saw two completed matches take place on Saturday as harvest ran through the competition, causing two forfeits to take place.

Matches between Hopetoun and Warrack and Arkona and Rainbow saw forfeits from Hopetoun and Rainbow, while two completed matches were played with four men and four women, with many ladies filling positions of men.

The expected match of the round between ladder leader Hopetoun and second-placed Warrack did not eventuate, which saw Warrack return to the top of the table courtesy of five points.

Brim returned to the top four when they dominated a clash against Dimboola, winning 12 of the 16 sets.

The Brim men dropped just one set when Lachie Stewart teamed with Keam brothers Josiah, Levi and Seth to dominate the section. Dimboola’s win came from the first set when Ash Clugston and Rob Barry won a tie-break against Stewart and Josiah Keam.

The ladies section saw another win to Brim when they won four of the six sets after winning three of the mixed doubles matches.

A titanic clash occurred at Jeparit when the home team hosted Antwerp in another four and four clash.

All sections were closely contested, with Antwerp claiming the mixed doubles by one game when both teams won two sets.

The Men’s section was also tied at three sets apiece, with Antwerp winning by four games, while the Ladies section was also tied on sets with Antwerp winning the section 30 games to 25.

Antwerp claimed the final set in the ladies section 7-0, which went a long way to deciding the day’s result.

Hopetoun’s Remy George filled in for Jeparit and won two sets for the day as both sides fielded two men, each with ladies filling the remaining spots.

Ladder after Round Nine

Warrack34  176.24
Antwerp28.5 124.08
Jeparit20.5 104.59
Arkona17.5 63.62
Dimboola  14.5 67.08
Rainbow12 61.99

Round Nine Results

Dimboola 0 points, 4 sets 53 games lost to Brim 5 points, 12 sets, 101 games.

Mixed: Breanna Eldridge, Jennie Hauselberger lost to Lachie Stewart, Casey Quick 3-7, Ash & Isy Clugston d Josiah Keam, Tia Credlin 7-4, Rob & Lyla Barry lost to Levi Keam, Molly Stewart 2-7, Lenny Eldridge, Lauren McKinnon lost to Seth & Merrily Keam 1-7.

Men: A. Clugston, R. Barry d L. Stewart, J. Keam 7-6, B. & L. Eldridge lost to L. & S. Keam 0-7, A. Clugston, B. Eldridge lost to L. Stewart, L. Keam 4-7, R. Barry, L. Eldridge lost to J. & S. Keam 1-7, A. Clugston, L. Eldridge lost to L. Stewart, S. Keam 4-7, R. Barry, Breanna Eldridge lost to J. & L. Keam 5-7.

Ladies: J. Hauselberger, I. Clugston d C. Quick, M. Stewart 7-3, L. McKinnon, L. Barry lost to T. Credlin, Merrily Keam 1-7, J. Hauselberger, L. McKinnon lost to C. Quick, T. Credlin 1-7, I. Clugston, L. Barry lost to M. Stewart, M. Keam 2-7, J. Hauselberger, L. Barry lost to C. Quick, M. Keam 1-7, I. Clugston, L. McKinnon d M. Stewart, T. Credlin 7-4.

Jeparit 0.5 points, 8 sets, 78 games lost to Antwerp 4.5 points, 8 sets, 88 games.

Mixed: Max Inkster, Elly Schumann lost to Don Clark, Carly Werner 2-7, Ebony Spokes, Montanna Hutson lost to Abbey Greig, Alicia Albrecht 5-7, Remy George (sub), Bec Schultz d Tahlia Avery, Celeste Erasmus 7-6, Jake Smith, Erin Preston d Caleb Bond, Ant Toet 7-2.

Men: M. Inkster, E. Spokes lost to D. Clark, A. Greig 4-7, R. George, J. Smith d T. Avery, C. Bond 7-5, M. Inkster, R. George lost to D. Clark, T. Avery 2-7, E. Spokes, J. Smith d A. Greig, C. Bond 7-4, M. Inkster, J. Smith d D. Clark, C. Bond 7-6, E. Spokes, R. George lost to A. Greig, T. Avery 5-7.

Ladies: E. Schumann, M. Hutson lost to C. Werner, A. Albrecht 0-7, B. Schultz, E. Preston d C. Erasmus, A. Toet 7-3, E. Schumann, B. Schultz d C. Werner, C. Erasmus 7-4, M. Hutson, E. Preston lost to A. Albrecht, A. Toet 4-7, E. Schumann, E. Preston d C. Werner. A. Toet 7-2, M. Hutson, B. Schultz lost to A. Albrecht, C. Erasmus 0-7.

Warrack received a forfeit from Hopetoun.

Arkona received a forfeit from Rainbow.