Dimboola & District Tennis Association will head into its Christmas break with its top four teams strengthening their positions after Saturday’s round of matches.

Ladder leader Warrack produced a commanding performance to cement their place ahead of Antwerp who climbed into second place courtesy of a big win over Dimboola.

Hopetoun slipped to third position when they lost to Brim who tied up fourth place after claiming a clean sweep of points in a battle of top four combatants.

All of Saturday’s matches were played with four men and four women as Warrack conceded just 22 games in the 16 contested sets in a big win over Arkona at Anzac Park.

Warrack will take a five and a point lead into the Christmas break from Antwerp who was equally dominant in their clash against Dimboola, conceding just one set for the day, winning 108 games to 42.

Brim’s win over Hopetoun came at the right time which consolidated its fourth placing and set up an assault on a finals position when play resumes next year.

Winning three of the mixed doubles sets, Brim set up its day which saw some closely fought matches where four tie-breakers were needed to decide winners.

Rainbow lifted itself off the bottom of the ladder when they claimed four points in the closest match of the day against Jeparit.

On its home courts, Rainbow conceded the opening point of the day when Jeparit claimed the section 21 games to 17 as the teams shared two sets each.

But Rainbow was able to control the remainder of the day with a four sets to two win in the mens section and also winning the ladies four sets to two.

Most of the mens sets were closely fought as Rainbow claimed a narrow four game win with one tie-break and three other sets being decided 7-5.

Competition will resume on February 11 when Dimboola and Rainbow will clash at the Health & Fitness Centre courts before the following day will see Antwerp host Hopetoun, Arkona will host Brim and Jeparit will welcome Warrack to their courts.

Ladder after Round 10

Warrack39   198.77
Antwerp33.5   135.19
Hopetoun30   121.06
Brim28   107.37
Jeparit21.5   101.86
Arkona17.5   54.99
Rainbow   16   69.30
Dimboola14.5   61.98

Round Ten Results

Antwerp 5 points, 15 sets, 108 games d Dimboola 0 points, 1 set, 42 games.

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen, Carly Werner d Will Schilling, Jennie Hauselberger 7-2, Don Clark, Alisha Albrecht d Ash & Isy Clugston 7-3, Tahlia Avery, Sam Polack d Lenny & Breanna Eldridge 7-0, Caleb Bond, Celeste Erasmus d Rob & Lyla Barry 7-5.

Men: T. Jorgensen. D. Clark d A. Clugston, R. Barry 7-1, S. Polack, C. Bond lost to W. Schilling, L. Eldridge 3-7, T. Jorgensen, S. Polack d A. Clugston, W. Schilling 7-5, D. Clark, C. Bond d R. Barry, L. Eldridge 7-4, T. Jorgensen, C. Bond d A. Clugston, L. Eldridge 7-5, D. Clark, S. Polack d R. Barry, W. Schilling 7-1.

Ladies: C. Werner, A. Albrecht d B. Eldridge, J. Hauselberger 7-4, T. Avery, C. Eerasmus d I. Clugston, L. Barry 7-0, C. Werner, T. Avery d B. Eldridge, I. Clugston 7-0, A. Albrecht, C. Erasmus d J. Hauselberger, L. Barry 7-1, C. Werner, C. Erasmus d B. Eldridge, L. Barry 7-3, A. Albrecht, T. Avery d J. Hauselberger, I. Clugston 7-1.

Rainbow 4 points, 10 sets, 90 games d Jeparit 1 point, 6 sets, 78 games.

Mixed: Matt Thomas, Penny Fisher d Liam Preston, Lu Cross 7-4, Jono Fuller, Rowie Keller d Ebony Spokes, Montanna Hutson 7-3, Rhys Boehm, Bianca Orr lost to Rebecca Schultz, Erin Preston 1-7, Paddy O’Halloran, Macy Fuller lost to Max McKenzie, Hannah Honeymann 2-7.

Men: M. Thomas, J. Fuller lost to L. Preston, E. Spokes 5-7, R. Boehm, P. O’Halloran d B. Schultz, M. McKenzie 7-5, M. Thomas, R. Boehm lost to L. Preston, B. Schultz 2-7, J. Fuller, P. O’Halloran d E. Spokes, M. McKenzie 7-5, M. Thomas, P. O’Halloran d L. Preston, M. McKenzie 7-6, J. Fuller, R. Boehm d E. Spokes, B. Schultz 7-1.

Ladies: P. Fisher, R. Keller d L. Cross, H. Honeymann 7-2, B. Orr, M. Fuller lost to M. Hutson, E. Preston 5-7, P. Fisher, B. Orr d L. Cross, M. Hutson 7-4, R. Keller, M. Fuller lost to H. Honeymann, E. Preston 5-7, P. Fisher, M. Fuller d L. Cross, E. Preston 7-3, R. Keller, B. Orr d H. Honeymann, M. Hutson 7-3.

Warrack 5 points, 16 sets, 112 games d Arkona 0 points, 0 sets, 22 games.

Mixed: Dan McKenzie, Sarah Spicer d John O’Dwyer, Meaghan Pohlner 7-4, Harry Allen, Lauren Kellett d Jonty Hunter, Petra Wolthuis 7-1, Chris Kellett, Rikki Nitschke d Tonnis Wolthuis, Jess Kelly (sub) 7-0, Greg McKenzie, Jan Greenwood d Luke & Karen Hunter 7-0.

Men: D. McKenzie, H. Allen d J. O’Dwyer, J. Hunter 7-3, C. Kellett, G. McKenzie d T. Wolthuis, L. Hunter 7-0, D. McKenzie, C. Kellett d J. O’Dywer, T. Wolthuis 7-4, H. Allen, G. McKenzie d J. & L. Hunter 7-0, D. & G. McKenzie d J. O’Dwyer, L. Hunter 7-1, H. Allen, C. Kellett d J. Hunter, T. Wolthuis 7-4.

Ladies: S. Spicer, L. Kellett d M. Pohlner, P. Wolthuis 7-0, R. Nitschke, J. Greenwood d J. Kelly, K. Hunter 7-2, S. Spicer, R. Nitschke d M. Pohlner, J. Kelly 7-1, L. Kellett, J. Greenwood d P. Wolthuis, K. Hunter 7-1, S. Spicer, J. Greenwood d M. Pohlner, K. Hunter 7-1, L. Kellett, R. Nitschke d P. Wolthuis, J. Kelly 7-0.

Hopetoun 0 points, 4 sets, 53 games lost to Brim 5 points, 12 sets, 105 games.

Mixed: Lou White, Emma Mill lost to Lachie Stewart, Levi Keam 3-7, Mal McLean, Shelby Monaghan d Josiah Keam, Casey Quick 7-6, Declan Brown, Jo Campbell lost to Seth Keam, Merrily Keam 2-7, Spencer Williams, Amanda Walker lost to Aiden Credlin, Molly Stewart 0-7.

Men: L. White, M. McLean d L. Stewart, J. Keam 7-6, D. Brown, S. Williams lost to S. Keam, A. Credlin 2-7, L. White D. Brown lost to L. Stewart S. Keam 4-7, M. McLean, S. Williams lost to J. Keam, A. Credlin 6-7, L. White, S. Williams lost to L. Stewart, A. Credlin 4-7, M. McLean, D. Brown d J. & S. Keam 7-3.

Ladies: E. Mill, A. Walker lost to L. Keam, C. Quick 1-7, S. Monaghan, J. Campbell lost to M. Stewart, M. Keam 0-7, E. Mill, S. Monaghan lost to L. Keam, M. Stewart 4-7, A. Walker, J. Campbell lost to C. Quick, M. Keam 2-7, E. Mill, J. Cambell lost to L. & M. Keam 4-7, A. Walker, S. Monaghan d C. Quick, M. Stewart 7-6.