Dimboola and District Tennis Association has a new leader in Antwerp after they claimed a big victory over former leader Warracknabeal on Saturday.

Antwerp dominated the clash of the association’s top two sides on the Anzac Park courts, claiming a clean sweep of points and taking a one and a half point lead on the ladder with one round remaining before the finals.

Hopetoun and Brim will contest finals and meet in the first week after both secured maximum points, with Hopetoun dominating a clash against Jeparit and Brim receiving a forfeit from Rainbow.

With the top four set, all eyes now look to places outside the top four, with just one point separating Jeparit, Dimboola, Rainbow and Arkona in a final-round showdown to determine the wooden spoon.

Playing six men and four ladies, Antwerp set up its win in the mixed doubles section when they won four sets to one and continued its dominance in the Men’s section when they claimed six of the nine sets.

The undermanned Warrack ladies were no match for the strong Antwerp combination who won all six sets and won the section 42 games to 19.

On the Jeparit courts, Hopetoun dominated the Men’s and Ladies, dropping just one set after winning the mixed doubles section four sets to two.

Hopetoun’s ladies enjoyed a big day out, including winning the last five sets 7-1.

Arkona and Dimboola played out the closest match of the day, with Arkona prevailing three match points to two.

A narrow three sets, 28 games to two sets, 27 games win to Dimboola in the Mixed section set the tone for the day as Dimboola’s men helped secure its second point of the day.
Dimboola claimed the section five sets to four, winning 44 games to 42, setting up its win after claiming three of the first four sets.

Arkona’s ladies proved the difference on the day when they dominated the section, winning all six sets, 42 games to 18.

Ladder after Round Thirteen

Brim 40114.39

Round Thirteen Results

Warrack 0 points, 4 sets, 81 games lost to Antwerp 5 points, 16 sets, 128 games.

Mixed: Sean McKenzie, Lauren Kellett d Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig 7-4, Mitch & Jan Greenwood lost to Chris Avery, Carly Werner 3-7, Dan McKenzie, Carolyn Morcom lost to Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen 4-7, Harry Allan, Lauren Clyne lost to Nathan Albrecht, Celeste Erasmus 4-7, Chris Kellett, Mitch Hadley lost to Daniel Greig, Shane Bond 1-7.

S. McKenzie, M. Greenwood d T. Jorgensen, C. Avery 7-5, C. Kellett, H. Allan lost to D. Greig, N. Albrecht 3-7, M. Hadley, D. McKenzie d S. Bond, D. Clark 7-4, M. Greenwood, C. Kellett lost to C. Avery, D. Greig 1-7, S. McKenzie, M. Hadley lost to T. Jorgensen, S. Bond 5-7, D. McKenzie, H. Allan lost to D. Clark, N. Albrecht 4-7, S. McKenzie, C. Kellett lost to T. Jorgensen, D. Greig 4-7, M. Greenwood, D. McKenzie lost to C. Avery, D. Clark 5-7, M. Hadley, H. Allan d S. Bond, N. Albrecht 7-3.

Ladies: L. Kellett, J. Greenwood lost to A. Greig, C. Werner 1-7, C. Morcom, L. Clyne lost to H. Jorgensen, C. Erasmus 3-7, L. Kellett, C. Morcom lost to A. Greig, H. Jorgensen 5-7, J. Greenwood, L. Clyne lost to C. Werner, C. Erasmus 6-7, L. Kellett, L. Clyne lost to A. Greig, C. Erasmus 2-7, J. Greenwood, C. Morcom lost to C. Werner, H. Jorgensen 2-7.

Jeparit 0 points, 4 sets, 74 games lost to Hopetoun 5 points, 19 sets, 147 games.

Mixed: Ben Inkster, Ebony Spokes lost to Coleman Schache, Remy George 3-7, Jason & Montanna Hutson lost to Zac Robins, Trudi Cook 1-7, Mick & Erin Preston lost to Mal McLean, Jonti George 5-7, Bo Smith, Yolande Hutson d Jonty Bellinger, Jo Campbell 7-3, Jake Smith, Charlie Inkster lost to Declan Brown, Nicole McLean 2-7.

Singles: Max Inkster d Tristan Glare 7-5.

Men: B. & M. Inkster lost to C. Schache, D. Brown 3-7, J. Hutson, J. Smith lost to Z. Robins, M. McLean 2-7, M. Preston, B. Smith d J. Bellinger, T. Glare 7-1, M. Inkster, J. Hutson lost to D. Brown, Z. Robins 1-7, B. Inkster, M. Preston lost to C. Schache, J. Bellinger 4-7, B. & J. Smith lost to T. Glare, M. McLean 3-7, B. Inkster, J. Hutson lost to C. Schache, Z. Robins 3-7, M. Inkster, B. Smith lost to D. Brown, T. Glare 3-7, M. Preston, J. Smith lost to J. Bellinger, M. McLean 2-7.

Ladies: Y. Hutson, C. Inkster lost to J. Campbell, N. McLean 6-7, M. Hutson, E. Preston lost to J. George, T. Cook 3-7, E. Spokes, Y. Hutson lost to R. George, J. Campbell 1-7, E. Preston, C. Inkster lost to T. Cook, N. McLean 1-7, E. Spokes, M. Hutson lost to R. & J. George 1-7, E. Preston, Y. Hutson lost to T. Cook, J. Campbell 1-7, M. Hutson, C. Inkster lost to J. George, N. McLean 1-7.

Arkona 3 points, 12 sets, 111 games d Dimboola 2 points, 8 sets, 90 games.

Mixed: Mitchell Jorgensen, Meaghan Pohlner d Isaac & Breanna Eldridge 7-4, Jonty Hunter, Tracey Jorgensen lost to Ash & Isy Clugston 2-7, Evan Hunter, Joanne Wolthuis lost to Lenny Eldridge, Lauren McKinnon 5-7, Tonnis Wolthuis, Luke Hunter lost to Jason Revell, Lyla Barry 6-7, John O’Dwyer, Russell Hunter d Ross Cameron, Will Schilling 7-3.

Men: M. Jorgensen, J. Hunter lost to A. Clugston, J. Revell 5-7, J. O’Dwyer, T. Wolthuis d W. Schilling, L. Eldridge 7-1, R. & E. Hunter lost to R. Cameron, I. Eldridge 3-7, J. Hunter, J. O’Dwyer lost to J. Revell, W. Schilling 4-7, M. Jorgensen, R. Hunter d A. Clugston, R. Cameron 7-3, E. Hunter, T. Wolthuis lost to I. & L. Eldridge 3-7, M. Jorgensen, J. O’Dwyer d A. Clugston, W. Schilling 7-4, J. & E. Hunter lost to J. Revell, I. Eldridge 2-7, R. Hunter, T. Wolthuis d R. Cameron, L. Eldridge 7-1.

Ladies: M. Pohlner, T. Jorgensen d B. Eldridge, I. Clugston 7-3, J. Wolthiis, L. Hunter d L. McKinnon, L. Barry 7-0, M. Pohlner, J. Wolthuis d B. Eldridge, L. McKinnon 7-6, T. Jorgensen, L. Hunter d I. Clugston, L. Barry 7-1, M. Pohlner, L. Hunter d B. Eldridge, L. Barry 7-3, T. Jorgensen, J. Wolthuis d I. Clugston, L. McKinnon 7-5.

Brim received forfeit from Rainbow.