Dimboola and District Tennis Association has decided its grand finalists with minor premier Antwerp set to meet Hopetoun after the weekend’s semi-finals.

Both teams claimed commanding wins over Brim and Warrack, respectively and will clash for the time in a grand final since the 2019-20 season.

The first semi-final was almost a direct reflection of the final round results in the match between Antwerp and Brim.

Brim lost the services of the talented Kyle George due to him following one of his sons playing basketball. Other changes to the men’s side were Seth Keam omitted and replaced by two university lads in Lachie Golder and Patrick Lindsay.

Unfortunately, these lads, along with their support party, couldn’t help them bridge the void left by Kyle.

In the Ladies, Casey Quick came back to help out, meaning Amber O’Connor was omitted. Antwerp’s side only made one necessary change with Nathan Albrecht unavailable due to a wedding and the ever-reliable brick wall in Don Clark returning to the team after missing the previous week due to attending a wedding.

The Mixed section opened with a rain-interrupted period before the day finally sorted itself out. Brim opened well with their number one pair in Lachie Stewart and Levi Keam (playing as a lady) turning the table on last week’s result coming away with a win.

This was followed by three close matches, which all went Antwerp’s way before one blowout match in Antwerp’s favour secured the point for this section. Brim won the final set but was left one set and six games short of matching their favoured opponent.

Brim needed to pinch the Men’s section to have any chance, and although they had won the Men’s section in the last round, with the changes to each side, Antwerp turned the tables and won the section by three sets and nine games.

The Ladies section was almost a direct repeat of the week prior, with Brim only managing one set.
Unfortunately for Brim, the fairy-tail finals series was to end there with the changes made amounting to nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.

Congratulations to Antwerp for weathering the initial challenge and making it through to another grand final.

The second semi-final was going to be a case of who would turn up and be available on the day.

Unfortunately for Warrack Gold, three key players were unavailable in Sarah Spicer, Emma Koschitze and Mitch Greenwood, two out of three of their top ladies and their number two man, a big hole in anyone’s language.

Hopetoun had their own player availability issues with their Men’s captain Lou White unavailable along with his brother Sam who are both top three Men’s players.

Warrack started well in the Mixed section, winning the first set in a tiebreaker before Hopetoun won the following two sets, and Warrack, with a mix of youth and wisdom in Harry Allan and Carol Morcom, hit back to win the next set.

Warrack needed to win at least one of the remaining two sets to challenge for the Mixed section point, but Hopetoun prevailed to win both sets though they weren’t an easy win.

After the Mixed section, Hopetoun took the first point and a 12 game advantage.

The Warrack men are used to being well supported by their women, who often win their section comfortably, but would this be the case without the Kosy sisters?

The result proved too big of a hole to fill, and Hopetoun prevailed six sets to three and another 15 games down to Warrack.

Hopetoun has proven to be in the top two men’s sides for the year, but would this still be the case without the White boys? Warrack had its own issues, missing their number two man and a lack of match practice over recent weeks.

Hopetoun covered their losses well and ran away with a comfortable win in this section, seven sets to two, making it a clean sweep for the day, receiving all five points.

With no tennis being played over the Labour Day long weekend, this leaves us with the grand final to come in two weeks between Antwerp and Hopetoun.

This match will be played at Dimboola, and it is a hard match to predict the outcome. Hopetoun probably brings a slightly favoured men’s side and Antwerp the ladies’ side. A lot will come down to how they pair up and work together in the mixed section. The winner of this section will most likely take away the district cup.

Semi-Final Results

Warrack 0 points, 7 sets, 102 games lost to Hoptoun 5 points, 17 sets, 147 games.

Mixed: Sean McKenzie, Lauren Kellett d Coleman Schache and Remy George 7-6, Dan McKenzie, Rikki Nitschke lost to Taylor Donnan, Trudi Cook 4-7, Cameron Clyne, Jan Greenwood lost to Mal McLean, Jonti George 1-7, Harry Allan, Carolyn Morcom d Zac Robins, Shelby Monaghan 7-6, Chris Kellett, Macie Nitschke lost to Jonty Bellinger, Tahlia Durie 4-7, Dave Nitschke, Nicola Clyne lost to Declan Brown, Jo Campbell 5-7.

Men: S. & D. McKenzie lost to C. Schache, T. Donnan 2-7, C. Clyne, D. Nitschke lost to M. McLean, D. Brown 1-7, H. Allan, C. Kellett lost to Z. Robins, J. Bellinger 5-7, D. McKenzie, C. Clyne lost to T. Donnan, M. McLean 0-7, S. McKenzie, H. Allan d C. Schache, Z. Robins 7-6, C. Kellett, D. Nitschke lost to J. Bellinger, D. Brown 5-7, S. McKenzie, C. Clyne d C. Schache, M. McLean 7-1, D. McKenzie, C. Kellett lost to T. Donnan, J. Bellinger 6-7, H. Allan, D. Nitschke lost to Z. Robins, D. Brown 6-7.

Ladies: L. Kellett, R. Nitschke d R. & J. George 7-3, J. Greenwood, N. Clyne d T. Cook, J. Campbell 7-1, C. Morcom, M. Nitschke lost to T. Durie, S. Monaghan 5-7, R. Nitschke, J. Greenwood lost to T. Cook, J. George 1-7, L. Kellett, C. Morcom lost to R. George, T. Durie 2-7, M. Nitschke, N. Clyne d S. Monaghan, J. Campbell 7-4, L. Kellett, J. Greenwood lost to R. George, T. Cook 1-7, R. & M. Nitschke lost to J. George, S. Monaghan 3-7, C. Morcom, N. Clyne lost to T. Durie, J. Campbell 2-7.

Antwerp 5 points, 18 sets, 152 games d Brim 0 points, 6 sets, 103 games.

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen, Abby Greig lost to Lachie Stewart Levi Keam 4-7, Chris Avery, Carley Werner d Cameron Blinman, Amanda Marshman 7-5, Daniel Greig, Tahlia Avery d Hugh Keam, Casey Quick 7-5, Shane Bond, Alicia Albrecht d Josiah Keam, Molly Stewart 7-5, Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen d Lachie Golder, Tia Credlin 7-0, Simon Albrecht, Ant Toet lost to Patrick Lindsay, Merrily Keam 3-7.

Men: T. Jorgensen, D. Greig d L. Stewart, C. Blinman 7-3, C. Avery, S. Albrecht d J. Keam, P. Lindsay 7-3, D. Clark, S. Bond lost to H. Keam, L. Golder 5-7, D. Greig, C. Avery d C. Blinman, J. Keam 7-6, T. Jorgensen, D. Clark lost to L. Stewart, H. Keam 6-7, S. Bond, S. Albrecht d L. Golder, P. Lindsay 7-5, T. Jorgensen, C. Avery d L. Stewart, J. Keam 7-5, D. Greig, S. Bond d C. Blinman, L. Golder 7-4, D. Clark, S. Albrecht lost to H. Keam, P. Lindsay 3-7.

Ladies: A. Greig, C. Werner d L. Keam, A. Marshman 7-3, A. Albrecht, A. Toet lost to C. Quick, M. Keam 5-7, T. Avery, H. Jorgensen d M. Stewart, T. Credlin 7-1, C. Werner, A. Albrecht d A. Marshman, C. Quick 7-2, A. Greig, T. Avery d L. Keam, M. Stewart 7-3, H. Jorgensen, A. Toet d T. Credlin, M. Keam 7-5, A. Greig, A. Albrecht d L. Keam, C. Quick 7-3, C. Werner, H. Jorgensen d A. Marshman, T. Credlin 7-2, T. Avery, A. Toet d M. Stewart, M. Keam 7-1.