Pimpinio Football Club veteran Bryson Baker reached the impressive mark of 500 games for the club on Saturday.

Even in country sport, where players can start their careers at a young age and may be tempted to play well past the age that a professional player may retire, this many games is still a rarity and a testament to their commitment to their local community.

Many family members and friends were on hand at the Pimpinio ground to witness Baker’s milestone, which included a special run-through banner before the game, and he celebrated by kicking two goals in Pimpinio Reserve’s big win over Kaniva-Leeor.

Since playing his first reserves game in 1989, he was a regular in the senior team from 1990 to 2013, and although he missed playing in the 2005 grand final, which saw the club win their first Horsham District Football League senior premiership, he was part of the team that went on to win back-to-back titles the following year.

Pimpinio reserves are in the mix for a place in the finals this season, having won five of eight matches, while their senior team is not enjoying as much success, having notched up only one victory.

Others who have recently reached a similar milestone in local football include Dimboola’s Mick Polycarpou in 2017, and Nhill’s Steve Graham in 2015, both in the Wimmera Football League.

Pimpinio’s 500 game veteran, Bryson Baker