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Friday 27th April 2018


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Transformation of Rainbow’s old school to Oasis a step closer

Article Category  Current News
Date Published  Monday, April 10 2017

Transformation of Rainbow’s old school to Oasis a step closer
Rainbow and district residents are being urged to have their say on the draft design for an exciting new garden at the old Rainbow Primary School site.

Features of the just-released plans include a golden rainbow sound shell, palm trees, indigenous food garden, cool mist sprays, play areas, a large lawn and exhibition and performance precincts.

The impressive garden would surround the old Rainbow Primary School which is also being refurbished as part of the two-year Oasis Rainbow Small Town Transformations Project.

The project aims to create a network for Rainbow community’s recreational activities and artistic pursuits.

A draft design for the garden arrived last week and project manager Adelle Rohrsheim said she was keen to hear what the community thinks.

“Back in February, in the middle of the heat wave, we spent a hot afternoon at the Primary School listening to the community’s ideas for this garden. Now our consultants Enlocus have provided plans, including a number of images,” she said.

“One feature would be a stunning golden sound shell for performances, which will be complimented by a series of seating walls to support the exhibition and performance areas.”

All sport and recreation areas have been maintained and further lawns will be added for more sporting opportunities. There will also be grand lawn to link north and south areas of the site and an indigenous food walk to produce small scale food crops.

Ms Rohrsheim said lighting was planned in key areas for both safety and to highlight key features, and earth moved to create the new skate park could be developed into a viewing embankment.

“A series of misting points will create a true oasis feeling along walkways near buildings at the school site.

“There will also be a Mallee forest garden path to create areas of shade, and places to explore. Large blocks of local stone will be used for both seating and play and there will also be areas featuring lemon scented gums and transplanted mature palms.

“But it won’t be all garden with areas for exhibition, performance and concerts and with murals proving popular across the region, the designers have also highlighted tanks and buildings which could be used for wall art including projections.”

Ms Rohrsheim said copies of the plans would be placed around Rainbow so that people can see them and make comment.

“This is a garden which has been designed with community input for the community and we want everyone to have their say on these plans.

“The plans will also be on display at The Goods Gardeners Guide to Seeds and Cuttings workshops which will be held at the old Rainbow Primary School on Saturday, April 22 from 10 am to 3.30 pm. There are plenty of spaces still available for this event.

Comments can be made until April 22, by calling Adelle Rohrsheim on 0431 820 493, by email to oasis-rainbow@hotmail.com, or at www.oasis-rainbow.com.

Image above: artist’s rendition. Source: contributed.

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