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Monday 21st May 2018


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Dimboola District Tennis | Thriller at the top of the table

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Tuesday, November 21 2017
Author  Scott Stewart

Dimboola District Tennis | Thriller at the top of the table
Dimboola and District Tennis Association’s top two sides produced a classic match-up for ladder leadership on Saturday.

Ladder leader Antwerp won an exciting encounter against second-placed Hopetoun three points to two with Hopetoun claiming more games but Antwerp winning overall with 11 sets to seven.

A clash set down for Friday night was washed out between Dimboola and Arkona, while Warrack Gold claimed a clean sweep of points against Rainbow and Jeparit proved too strong for Warrack Maroon winning all five points.

With a full complement of players at the Health and Fitness Centre courts on Saturday, Antwerp started the mixed doubles section in strong fashion winning the opening four sets to ensure the opening point.

Tim Jorgensen and Abbey Greig opened with a 9-5 win before Chris and Tahlia Avery won 9-4 and Nathan Jorgensen and Kellie Laverty won 9-7 to have the first three sets on the board.

And when Don Clark and Heather Jorgensen won a tense tie-break, Antwerp had secured the opening point as Hopetoun hit back to win the final two sets 9-3 and 9-1 to Mal and Nicole McLean and Alex Kavoor and Nicole Holm respectively.

Antwerp won the section despite Hopetoun winning more games but the home side’s four sets ensured a four sets, 40 games to two sets 42 games win.

The mens section belonged to Hopetoun who hit back after the close mixed loss to claim the last three sets to turn a two sets to one deficit into a four sets, 43 games to two sets, 29 games win.

Tim Jorgensen and Chris Avery claimed the opening set 9-5 before Taylor Donnan and Mal McLean hit back to win the second set 9-3.

Tim and Nathan Jorgensen then teamed together to win the third set 9-7 but the remainder of the section belonged to Hopetoun who claimed the final three sets, 9-3, 9-5 and 9-0 to claim their opening point for the day.

The final result was ultimately determined in the ladies section when Antwerp dominated to secure the day’s win.

Antwerp was dominant to win the section five sets, 50 games to onr set, 33 games claiming the first five sets to secure the point.

Nicole McLean and Nicole Holm won the final set 9-5 as the final result came down to the last couple of sets to determine the winner on the day.

Warrack Gold joined Hopeton on equal points on the ladder when they claimed all five points against Rainbow.

Playing four men and four ladies at Anzac Park, Warrack Gold claimed the day eight sets, 89 games to four sets, 67 games.

The home side opened a decisive lead after the mixed doubles when they won three of the four sets and opened up a 32-16 games lead.

Cameron Clyne amd Emma Koschitzke won the opening set 9-3 before Rainbow squared the ledger when Eddie Hallam and Rowena Keller teamed for a 9-5 win.

But when Lauren Kellett and substitute Josiah Keam won the third set 9-3, Gold was able to ice the section with a 9-1 win in the final set to Chris Kellett and Brodie Hallam.

From that point on, the day remained on an even keel as Gold claimed a narrow one game win in the mens section with both sides winning two sets each.

Rainbow opened with a 9-5 win to Marc Edelsten and Rhys Boehm before Dave Nitschke and Keam teamed for a 9-3 win to square the ledger.

Rainbow won the third set when Edelsten and Eddie Hallam combined for a 9-4 win which left the final outcome to the final set which was taken out by Gold’s Chris Kellett and Keam who won 9-5 to give Gold the win 27 games to 26.

The ladies section was another tight encounter as Gold claimed the section three sets 30 games to one set, 25 games.

The opening two sets were shared when Gold’s Emma Koschitzke and Lauren Kellett won 9-2 before Rainbow’s Stef Newton and Colleen Petschel won the second set 9-3.

A tense tie-break win to Gold’s Koschitzke and Alex Morcom proved decisive as Lauren Kellett and Brodie Hallam won the final set 9-6 to ensure the day’s clean sweep of points.
A clash at the Jeparit courts saw Warrack Maroon make the journey with the home side proving too strong to claim all five points on offer.

Playing four men and six ladies, Maroon was aided by four substitute players which ensured the day’s play went ahead.

Maroon started the day in winning form when Todd Krahe and Jan Greenwood combined for a 9-5 win but from point on it was all Jeparit who claimed the remaining four sets to claim the opening point four sets, 41 games to one set, 25 games.

Ben Inkster and Amanda Brownsea and Daniel Keam and Yolande Hutson both claimed 9-6 wins before Brett Schultz and Mikayla Smith won 9-0 and Raylene Werner and Sue Bell teamed for a 9-4 win in the extra ladies set.

Again, Maroon made a winning start in the ladies section when Greenwood and Liz Doyle teamed for a 9-7 win and when Greenwood and Kelly Krahe won the third set 9-7, Maroon was up two sets to one.

But Jeparit hit back to claim the last three sets 9-0, 9-6 and 9-5 to claim the ladies point four sets, 50 games to two sets, 34 games.

A decisive four sets, 36 games to 19 games win to Jeparit in the mens section saw the home side dominate the day claiming a 12 sets, 127 games to three sets, 79 games win.

No games will take place this weekend as the association sits out a bye with harvest set to be in full swing.


Antwerp 3 points, 11 sets, 119 games d Hopetoun 2 points, 7 sets, 123 games.

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig d Jacob Holm. Remy George 9-5, Chris and Tahlia Avery d Taylor Donnan, Gina Boehm 9-4, Nathan Jorgensen, Kellie Laverty d David Baulch, Courtney Jones 9-7, Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen d Tony George, Terri Cook 9-8, Daniel and Emily Polack lost to Mal and Nicole McLean 3-9, Basil Jorgensen, Sonia Avery lost to Alex Kavoor, Nicole Holm 1-9.

Men: T. Jorgensen, C. Avery d J. Holm, A. Kavoor 9-5, D. Clark, D. Polack lost to T. Donnan, M. McLean 3-9, T. & N. Jorgensen d J. Holm, D. Baulch 9-7, D. Clark, B. Jorgensen lost to T. Donnan, T. George 3-9, N. Jorgensen, C. Avery lost to D. Baulch, A. Kavoor 5-9, D. Polack, B. Jorgensen lost to M. McLean, T. George 0-9.

Ladies: A. Greig, T. Avery d R. George, G. Boehm 9-2, L. Laverty, E. Polack d T. Cook, N. McLean 9-8, A. Greig, H. Jorgensen d R. George, C. Jones 9-3, K. Laverty, S. Avery d T. Cook, N. Holm 9-7, H. Jorgensen, T. Avery d C. Jones, G. Boehm 9-4, E. Polack, S. Avery lost to N. McLean, N. Holm 5-9.

Warrack Gold 5 points, 8 sets, 89 games d Rainbow 0 points, 4 sets, 67 games.

Mixed: Cameron Clyne, Emma Koschitzke d Mark Edelsten, Stef Newton 9-3, Dave Nitschke, Alex Morcom lost to Eddie Hallam, Rowena Keller 5-9, Josiah Keam (sub), Lauren Kellett d Rhys Boehm, Colleen Petschel 9-3, Chris Kellett, Brodie Hallam d Jacob Cocks, Georgina O’Halloran 9-1.

Men: C. Clyne, C Kellett lost to M. Edelsten, R. Boehm 5-9, D. Nitschke, J. Keam d E. Hallam, J. Cocks 9-3, C. Clyne, D. Nitschke lost to M. Edelsten, E. Hallam 4-9, C. Kellett, J. Keam d R. Boehm, J. Cocks 9-5.

Ladies: E. Koschitzke, L. Kellett d R. Keller, G. O’Halloran 9-2, A. Morcom, B. Hallam lost to S. Newton, C. Petschel 3-9, E. Koschitzke, A. Morcom d R. Keller, S. Newton 9-8, L. Kellett, B. Hallam d G. O’Halloran, C. Petschel 9-6.

Jeparit 5 points, 12 sets, 127 games d Warrack Maroon 0 points, 3 sets, 79 games.

Mixed: Rory O’Halloran, Ebony Spokes lost to Todd Krahe, Jan Greenwood 5-9, Ben Inkster, Amanda Brownsea d Bo Smith (sub), Kelly Krahe 9-6, Daniel Keam, Yolande Huston d Mitch Hadley, Lillian McKenzie (sub) 9-6, Brett Schultz, Mikayla Smith d Jake Smith (sub), Erin Preston (sub) 9-0, Raylene Werner, Sue Bell d Liz Doyle, Jess Kelly 9-4.

Men: R. O’Halloran, D. Keam d T. Krahe, M. Hadley 9-6, B. Inkster, B. Schultz d B. & J. Smith 9-3, R. O’Halloran, B, Inkster d T. Krahe, B, Smith 9-8, D. Keam, B. Schultz d M. Hadley, J. Smith 9-2.

Ladies: E. Spokes, R. Werner lost to J. Greenwood, L. Dyle 7-9, S. Bell, Y. Huston d J. Kelly, L. McKenzie 9-5, E. Spokes, A. Brownsea lost to J. Greenwood, K. Krahe 7-9, S. Bell, M. Smith d J. Kelly, E. Preston 9-0, A. Brownsea, R. Werner d K. Krahe, L. Doyle 9-6, Y. Huston, M. Smith d L. McKenzie, E. Preston 9-5.

Ladder - after seven rounds

Warrack Gold24.5130.46
Warrack Maroon1597.25

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