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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Kealy: Congratulations to VCE and VCAL students

 Friday 22nd December 2017
 Emma Kealy

Congratulations to those who have received their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) results.

Completion of secondary education is a significant milestone and achievement, and one that should be acknowledged and celebrated.

If you haven't received the result you had hoped for there are many other pathways available that will still enable you to reach your goal.

Completing your VCE or VCAL is an achievement that all students should be proud of, regardless of the result. An ATAR score won't define your life, it's what you do with it from here that counts.

An outstanding achievement for the Lowan electorate are two local schools being the Dimboola Memorial Secondary College and the Casterton Secondary College who were amongst the top nine performing schools for VCE results across the state.

I would particularly like to congratulate Sam Polack from Dimboola Memorial Secondary College who has achieved the highest ATAR in the Lowan electorate with a score of 99.25.

I also congratulate all local dux of 2017:

  • Stephanie Milton of Casterton Secondary College
  • Madeleine Bradbeer of The Hamilton and Alexandra College
  • Lauren Kerber of Nhill College
  • Lotte Reiter of Horsham College
  • Jayden McQueen of Murtoa College
  • Cameron Webb of Monivae College
  • Rachael Ferluga of Edenhope College
  • Jordan Smith of Goroke P-12 College
  • Trent King of Warracknabeal Secondary College
  • Sinead Kuchel of Kaniva College
  • Alexander Vaughan of Balmoral K-12 Community College
  • Ethan Jolley of St Brigid's College
  • Kurt Peters of Good Shepherd College
  • Scott Nippress of Baimbridge College

I'm sure that our local students all have a very bright future ahead of them. Thank you to all our teachers, schools, families and employers that have supported our local students on their school journey.

Emma Kealy MP
Member for Lowan

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