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Tuesday 18th June 2019

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Dimboola District Tennis | New season off and running

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Tuesday, October 9 2018
Author Abbey Greig
Photo  File Photo

Dimboola District Tennis | New season off and running
Saturday saw the start of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association 2018/2019 season where players dusted off the racquets for another year of tennis.

The weather was perfect and already some excellent games of tennis have been played, hopefully indicating a great season of tennis to follow.

Jeparit played host to Dimboola in a tight battle where five tie-breakers were played throughout the day. Jeparit claimed the first three mixed sets with two of those being tie-breakers. Dimboola then claimed the next three and won the section by nine games.

Dimboola’s men were too strong and claimed all six sets. While Jeparit’s women claimed four of the six sets to win the point.

Christiana Henke and Raylene Werner from Jeparit and Rob Barry, Will Schilling, Tony Goss and Danni Haebich of Dimboola won all three sets.

Dimboola defeated Jeparit 11 sets, 137 games to Jeparit 7 sets, 116 games.

The sole Warracknabeal side, Warrack Gold, hosted Arkona in the second match of the round. Warrack Gold started the day with a dominate win in the mixed section only dropping one set, which set them up to win the day.

Arkona’s men were able to win their section by claiming four sets to Warrack Gold’s two.

This result was then reversed in the Ladies where Warrack Gold won four Arkona’s two.

Emma Koschitzke, Lauren Kellett and Mitchell Hadley from Warrack Gold and Arkona’s Nick Pietsch won all their sets.

Warrack Gold 11 sets, 136 games defeated Arkona 7 sets, 115 games.

The match between Antwerp and Hopetoun was a close encounter, however the final score looks very one sided.

Last years Premiers, Hopetoun claimed the mixed section by just three games. Both teams won three sets each, but Hopetoun won 48 games to Antwerp’s 45.

Hopetoun’s men were able to secure four of the six sets to claim their point.

The ladies section was again even on three sets each, but Hopetoun won five more games to claim the point to have a clean sweep of the points on offer.

Hopetoun’s Jacob Holm and Mal McLean, and Daniel Greig were three set winners.

Hopetoun 10 sets, 132 games to Antwerp 8 sets, 121 games.

The final match between Rainbow and Brim saw them compete with four men and four ladies.

Brim proved to be too strong, winning all four sets in the mixed and the ladies.

Mark Bastin and Jakob Cocks were able to claim the only set for Rainbow. Rylee Cocks and Rebecca Bastin were narrowly defeated by Casey Quick & Kylie O’Connor in a tie-breaker.

Brim 11 sets, 105 games defeated Rainbow 1 set, 43 games.


  Points   Percentage
Brim 5 244.19
Hopetoun 5 109.09
Warrack Gold 4 118.26
Dimboola 4 118.1
Jeparit 1 84.67
Arkona 1 84.56
Antwerp 0 91.67
Rainbow 0 40.95


Jeparit 1 point, 7 sets, 116 games lost to Dimboola 4 points, 11 sets, 137 games.

Mixed: Daniel Keam & Christiana Henke d Anthony Baker & Jennie Hauselberger 9-6. Ben Inkster & Raylene Werner d Isaac & Breanna Eldridge 9-8. Jason Hutson & Rebecca Schultz d Corey Goss & Kate Clarke 9-8. Jake Smith & Maddi Price lost to Rob & Becky Barry 3-9. Brett Schultz & Montanna Hutson lost to Will Schilling & Jenny Haebich 4-9. Max McKenzie & Erin Preston lost to Tony Goss & Danni Haebich 6-9.

Men: D. Keam & J. Hutson lost to A. Baker & C. Goss 3-9. B. Schultz & J Smith lost to R. Barry & W. Schilling 8-9. D. Keam & B. Inkster lost to A. Baker & I. Eldridge 7-9. B. Schultz & M. McKenzie lost to R. Barry & T. Goss 8-9. B. Inkster & J. Hutson lost to I. Eldridge & C. Goss 2-9. J. Smith & M. McKenzie lost to W. Schilling & T. Goss 1-9.

Ladies: C. Henke & R. Schultz d B. Eldridge & K. Clarke 9-1. M. Price & E. Preston d B. Barry & J. Haebich 9-8. C. Henke & R. Werner d B. Eldridge & J. Hauselberger 9-1. M. Price & M. Hutson lost to B. Barry & D. Haebich 4-9. R. Werner & R. Schultz d J. Hauselberger & K. Clarke 9-6. E. Preston & M. Hutson lost to J. Haebich & D. Haebich.

Warrack Gold 4 points, 11 sets, 136 games defeated Arkona 1 point, 7 sets, 115 games.

Mixed: Phil Huebner & Emma Koschitzke d Mitch Jorgensen & Anna Exell 9-1. Kevin Mills & Lauren Kellett d Russell Hunter & Meaghan Pohlner 9-7. Todd Krahe & Rikki Nitschke lost to Nick Pietsch & Tracey Jorgensen 6-9. Chris Kellett & Jan Greenwood d John O’Dwyer & Laura Herben 9-4. Connor McKenzie & Lynley Clyne d Chris Rae & Kaylene Pietsch 9-4. Mitchell Hadley & Kelly Krahe d Jonty Hunter & Megan Hutchinson 9-8.

Men: P. Huebner & K. Mills lost to M. Jorgensen & N. Pietsch 7-9. C. Kellett & C. McKenzie lost to J. O’Dwyer & C. Rae 7-9. P. Huebner & T. Krahe lost to M. Jorgensen & R. Hunter 4-9. C. Kellett & M. Hadley d J. O’Dwyer & J. Hunter 9-6. T. Krahe & K. Mills lost to R. Hunter & N. Pietsch 3-9. C. McKenzie & M. Hadley d C. Rae & J. Hunter 9-3.

Ladies: E. Koschitzke & R. Nitschke d A. Exell & M. Pohlner 9-5. J. Greenwood & L. Clyne d L. Herben & M. Hutchinson 9-2. E. Koschitzke & L. Kellett d A. Exell & T. Jorgensen 9-7. J. Greenwood & K. Krahe lost to L. Herben & K. Pietsch 5-9. L. Kellett & R. Nitschke d T. Jorgensen & M. Pohlner 9-1. L. Clyne & K. Krahe lost to M. Hutchinson & K. Pietsch 5-9.

Antwerp 8 sets, 121 games lost to Hopetoun 5 points, 10 sets, 132 games.

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen & Abbey Greig lost to Jacob Holm & Zali Brown 6-9. Don Clark & Heather Jorgensen lost to Mal McLean & Dana Schache 5-9. Chris Avery & Emily Polack d Alex Kovoor & Remy George 9-7. Daniel Polack & Samantha Baker lost to Anthony Schache & Jonti George 7-9. Daniel Greig & Sonia Avery d Tony George & Shiarne Petschel 9-8. Sam Polack & Macey Laverty d Jonty Bellinger & Nicole McLean 9-6.

Men: T. Jorgensen & D. Polack lost to J. Holm & A. Kovoor 6-9. D. Clark & D. Greig d T. George & J. Bellinger 9-2. T. Jorgensen & C. Avery lost to J. Holm & M. McLean 8-9. D. Clark & S. Polack lost to T. George & A. Schache 3-9. C. Avery & D. Polack lost to M. McLean & A. Kovoor 3-9. D. Greig & S. Polack d J. Bellinger & A. Schache 9-3

Ladies: A. Greig & E. Polack d Z. Brown & R. George 9-3. S. Baker & S. Avery lost to J. George & N. McLean 3-9. A. Greig & H. Jorgensen d Z. Brown & D. Schache 9-5. S. Baker & M. Laverty d J. George & S. Petschel 9-8. H. Jorgensen & E. Polack lost to D. Schache & R. George 6-9. S. Avery & M. Laverty lost to N. McLean & S. Petschel 2-9.

Rainbow 1 set, 43 games lost to Brim 5 points, 11 sets, 105 games.

Mixed: Rhys Boehm & Rylee Cocks lost to Hugh Keam & Kylie O’Connor 0-9. Mark Bastin & Georgina O’Halloran lost to Cameron Blinman & Casey Quick 7-9. Matthew Thomas & Rebecca Bastin lost to Josiah Keam & Amanda Marshman 2-9. Jakob Cocks & Jo Thomas lost to Darren Marshman & Merrily Keam 3-9.

Men: R. Boehm & M. Thomas lost to H. & J. Keam 0-9. M. Bastin & J. Cocks d C. Blinman & D. Marshman 9-4. R. Boehm & M. Bastin lost to H. Keam & C. Blinman 2-9. M. Thomas & J. Cocks lost to J. Keam & D. Marshman.

Ladies: R. Cocks & R. Bastin lost to C. Quick & K. O’Connor 8-9. G. O’Halloran & J. Thomas lost to A. Marshman & M. Keam 5-9. R. Cocks & G. O’Halloran lost to C. Quick & A. Marshman 2-9. R. Bastin & J. Thomas lost to K. O’Connor & M. Keam 3-9.


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