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Saturday 11th July 2020

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Wimmera Health Care Group Annual General Meeting

 Current News
 Tuesday 4th December 2018
 Contributed: Wimmera Health Care Group

Wimmera Health Care Group Annual General Meeting
Wimmera Health Care Group hosted its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 29 at Coughlin Park.

Board of Management chair Marie Aitken welcomed the 90 attendees to the meeting which saw the release of the 2017-2018 Annual Report, Quality Account, and presentations from four guest speakers.

“We were fortunate to hear presentations from Andrew Saunders, acting chief executive officer, Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital, about the work of the Wimmera Southern Mallee Health Alliance,” Mrs Aitken said.

“We also heard from director of patient services Kym Peter about patient flow, while director of residential services Maree Woodhouse spoke about falls prevention and director of primary and community care Tony Tuohey did a presentation on the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Program.

“We are very grateful for the speakers for their efforts in putting the presentations together and delivering them for us.”

CEO Catherine Morley spoke briefly about the year that was and the hospital’s goals in the near future, while director of finance and corporate service Mark Knights outlined the health service’s financial situation.

Ms Morley acknowledged the numerous auxiliaries and support groups who continue to work extremely hard to raise funds for our health care group.

“Their financial contributions are directed to purchases which contribute to the ongoing care of our patients and residents and we sincerely thank them for their wonderful work. This includes the Horsham and District Orchid Society for the display they did for the meeting,” Ms Morley said.

Life Governorship Presentation
Recently retired local general practitioner Dr Doug Jinks was presented with Life Governorship and spoke about the importance of humour in medicine in his humble acceptance speech.

“I hope my legacy is my somewhat Australian sense of humour. I try to bring a little humour to want can be a difficult situation and I find in those times it can help,” Dr Jinks said.

“Perhaps laughter is still the best medicine.”

Pictured above: Dr Doug Jinks (third from left) receives his Life Governorship from Board of Management Deputy Chair Richard Goudie, CEO Catherine Morley and Chairperson Marie Aitken. Photo contributed.

Remembering the late Phillip Campbell
In a touching presentation, Mrs Aitken spoke fondly of the late Phillip Campbell who passed away while still a serving member of the Board of Management in August. Mrs Aitken presented Mr Campbell’s wife, Rhonda, with a certificate of appreciation for his years of service and a bunch of flowers.

At the conclusion of the meeting, attendees enjoyed a supper provided by the Wimmera Health Care Group food services team and decorations provided by the Horsham Orchid Society.

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