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Friday 23rd August 2019

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Cricket | West Wimmera Warriors

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Monday, February 11 2019
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Cricket | West Wimmera Warriors
Both West Wimmera Warriors cricket teams had to travel for their latest Horsham Cricket Association games, with the A grade struggling at Minyip whilst the B grade are still in their game against Colts on the turf pitch at Dudley Cornell Park in Horsham after Jack Crowhurst took six wickets.

A Grade

After the first day of their two day encounter with Rupanyup-Minyip, the A grade team has a challenge to earn the points after the home team set a daunting total.

A declaration was made once the they had passed 200, and although the Warriors have already shaved 32 runs off this target, it has been at the high cost of five wickets.

Two wickets each to Josh Lees and Tim Braendler and one to Liam Preston were the Warrior’s highlight of the first innings, whilst Daniel Schaper registered a century for Rupanyup-Minyip.

The reply did not start very well, with opener Michael Preston the only one to yet make it into double figures, with 12.

The innings will resume next Saturday with Brad Keller on 4 and Lees on 2 and with a couple of handy batsmen still to strap on the pads, the opportunity remains to cause an upset.

With the need to score at only just over two runs per over next week there will be plenty of time to construct a useful innings.

B Grade

At Dudley Cornell Park the Warrior’s captain invited the home team to bat first after winning the toss, and the move paid off early when they were reduced to 2 wickets for just 4 runs. This progressed to 7 for 68 before a partnership of 100 allowed Colts to recover and register a total of 202.

Career best figures of 6 for 79 by Jack Crowhurst and 3 for 52 by Dan Cross led the bowling. Bailey Zimmermann took the other wicket.

Next week the team has the entire afternoon to chase down this target.

Above - Jack Crowhurst in action for Jeparit in the old West Wimmera Cricket Association.

Horsham Cricket Association - A Grade

Rupanyup-Minyip Innings

M Mbofana   ct. M Prestonb. J Lees5
D Schaperct. Liam Preston   b. T Braendler122
A Carterct. M Prestonb. J Lees27
B Isonct. ?b. Liam Preston   27
C Midgley b. Liam Preston16
B Hudsonnot out 1
Sundries  5
TOTAL 5 (dec) for 203

West Wimmera Warriors Bowling
     O    M    R    W
J Lees164382
B Keller5290
T Braendler90392
M Dahlenburg   50400
P Hedt51110
J Curry31180
A Dickinson51200
Liam Preston40241

West Wimmera Warriors Innings

M Prestonct. c Midgleyb. M Mbofana   12
M Dahlenburg    b. C Midgley5
A Dickinsonct. D Schaper   b. C Midgley0
Liam Prestonct. T Hairb. C Midgley3
J Leesnot out 2
P Hedtct. T Hairb. C Midgley0
B Kellernot out 4
Sundries  6
TOTAL 5 for 32
Rupanyup-Minyip Bowling
     O    M    R    W
M Mbofana81131
C Midgley94144
A Carter1100
J Weidermann   2110

Horsham Cricket Association - B Grade

Colts Innings

DB Arnott   ct. B Purchaseb. D Cross4
N Keelct. S Sunilb. J Crowhurst0
J Colbertct. B Purchase   b. J Crowhurst7
B Millarct. J Hardingb. J Crowhurst20
L Jakobict. J Hardingb. J Crowhurst5
T Fisherct. ?b. J Crowhurst14
DF Arnottct. S Sunilb. D Cross5
R Frewct. D Crossb. J Crowhurst68
D Boddilbwb. J Crowhurst43
J Newellct. J Hardingb. B Zimmermann  15
D Carmobynotoutb. 13
Sundries  8

West Wimmera Warriors Bowling

     O    M    R    W
D Cross2813523
J Crowhurst  278799
T Harris30180
B Zimmermann  4.10161
R James30150
S Sunil20190

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