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Saturday 6th June 2020

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Tennis off and running for new season

 Tuesday 8th October 2019
 Dimboola and District Tennis Association
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Tennis off and running for new season
Friday night saw the opening game take place of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association for 2019/2020.

Antwerp were host to Jeparit at the Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre and displayed some dominant tennis to kick-start their season.

Antwerp were too strong in the mixed, winning five sets, with Daniel Batson and Elly Schumann the only winners for Jeparit. Antwerp’s men claimed all six sets for the night in a terrific display, with their women also performing well to only drop one set. Lou Cross and Mel Butler were the winners for Jeparit 9-3.

Antwerp defeated Jeparit 5 points, 16 sets, 153 games to Jeparit 0 points, 2 sets, 71 games.

Brim hosted Dimboola in the second game of the round with near perfect conditions for tennis. The match was played with five men and four ladies.

The Keam brothers Josiah and Levi started the days proceedings with their singles match, with older brother Josiah winning 9-3. Brim then took out the mixed section winning four of the five sets. Brim were well in control of the mens section, winning all five sets, with a good combination of youth and experience.

It was the opposite scoreline in the ladies section, with Dimboola winning all four sets to take the section 36 games to six. It wasn’t enough for Dimboola unfortunately, as Brim were the overall winners for the day.

Brim defeated Dimboola 4 points, 9 sets, 92 games to Dimboola 1 point, 5 sets, 77 games.
The final match for the round between Hopetoun and Arkona also saw them compete with five men and four ladies. Alex Kavoor and Russell Hunter played a hard fought singles match with Alex the eventual winner 9-6.

Hopetoun continued their winning form from last season to win every mixed set and set themselves up for victory. They didn’t have it all their own way with Arkona taking out a close women’s section 32 games to 26. Hopetoun’s men however claimed all five sets with a dominant effort to win the section 45 games to 12.

Hopetoun defeated Arkona 4 points, 12 sets, 116 games to Arkona 1 point, 2 sets, 65 games.

Warrack Gold received a forfeit from Rainbow and will look forward to starting their season next week.


Antwerp 5 points, 16 sets, 153 games defeated Jeparit 0 points, 2 sets, 71 games.

Mixed: Daniel and Emily Polack d Ben Inkster and Ebony Spoke 9-5. Chris Avery and Carly Werner d Jason Hutson and Rebecca Schultz 9-5. Shane Bond and Alicia Albrecht lost to Daniel Batson and Elly Schumann 6-9. Don Clark and Lucinda Newton d Gavin Nikkelson and Lou Cross 9-8. Sam Polack and Sonia Avery d Jake Smith and Montanna Hutson 9-0. Nathan Albrecht and Wendy Glover d Max McKenzie and Mel Butler 9-5.

Antwerp 5 sets, 51 games. Jeparit 1 set, 32 games.

Men: D. Polack and S. Bond d B. Inkster and D. Batson 9-5. D. Clark and S. Polack d G. Nikkleson and J. Smith 9-2. D. Polack and C. Avery d B. Inkster and J. Hutson 9-2. D. Clark and N. Albrecht d G. Nikkleson and M. McKenzie 9-0. C. Avery and S. Bond d J. Hutson and D. Batson 9-5. S. Polack and N. Albrecht d J. Smith and M. McKenzie 9-0.

Antwerp 6 sets, 54 games. Jeparit 0 sets, 14 games.

Women: E. Polack and A. Albrecht d E. Spokes and E. Schumann 9-7. L. Newton and S. Avery lost to L. Cross and M. Butler 3-9. E. Polack and C. Werner d E. Spokes and R. Schultz 9-1. L. Newton and W. Glover d L. Cross and M. Hutson 9-0. C. Werner and A. Albrecht d R. Schultz and E. Schumann 9-8. S. Avery and W. Glover d M. Butler and M. Hutson 9-0.

Antwerp 5 sets, 48 games. Jeparit 1 set, 25 games.

Brim 4 points, 9 sets, 92 games defeated Dimboola 1 point, 5 sets, 77 games.

Mixed: Singles: Josiah Keam d Levi Keam 9-3. Lachie Stewart and Merrily Keam d Isaac and Breanna Eldridge 9-7. Paul and Erin Slater d Corey Goss and Jennie Hausleberger 9-2. Hugh Keam and Tia Credlin d Jake Miller and Kate Clark 9-5. Lachie Golder and Hannah Liersch lost to Karen Bridgewater and Becky Barry 5-9.

Brim 4 sets, 41 games. Dimboola 1 set, 25 games.

Mens: L. Stewart and P. Slater d C. Goss and I. Eldridge 9-2. L. Golder and J. Keam d L. Keam and K. Bridgewater 9-2. L. Stewart and H. Keam d C. Goss and J. Miller 9-2. P. Slater and J. Keam d I. Eldridge and K. Bridgewater 9-5. H. Keam and L. Golder d J. Miller and L. Keam 9-5.

Brim 5 sets, 45 games. Dimboola 0 sets, 16 games.

Women: E. Slater and H. Liersch lost to B. Eldridge and K. Clark 0-9. M. Keam and T. Credlin lost to J. Hausleberger and B. Barry 0-9. E. Slater and M. Keam lost to B. Eldridge and J. Hausleberger 2-9. H. Liersch and T. Credlin lost to K. Clark and B. Barry 3-9.

Brim 0 sets, 6 games. Dimboola 4 sets, 36 games.

Hopetoun 4 points, 12 sets, 116 games defeated Arkona 1 point, 2 sets, 65 games.

Mixed: Singles: Alex Kavoor d Russell Hunter 9-6. Mal McLean and Remy George d Mitchell Jorgensen and Anna Exell 9-7. Jacob Holm and Brodie Hallam d John O’Dwyer and Meaghan Pohlner 9-7. Taylor Donnan and Lee George d Jonty Hunter and Tracey Jorgensen 9-1. Oliver Hallam and Shiarne Petschel d Evan and Karen Hunter 9-0.

Hopetoun 5 sets, 45 games. Arkona 0 sets, 21 games.

Men: J. Holm and M. McLean d R. Hunter and J. O’Dwyer 9-1. A. Kavoor and O. Hallam d J. Hunter and E. Hunter 9-0. J. Holm and T. Donnan d R. Hunter and M. Jorgensen 9-1. M. McLean and O. Hallam d J. O’Dwyer and E. Hunter 9-4. T. Donnan and A. Kavoor d M. Jorgensen and J. Hunter 9-6.

Hopetoun 5 sets 45 games. Arkona 0 sets, 12 games

Women: R. George and B. Hallam lost to A. Exell and T. Jorgensen 7-9. S. Petschel and L. George d M. Pohlner and K. Hunter 9-8. R. George and S. Petschel lost to A. Exell and M. Pohlner 1-9. B. Hallam and L. George d T. Jorgensen and K. Hunter 9-6.

Hopetoun 2 sets 26 games. Arkona 2 sets 32 games.


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