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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Dimboola and District Tennis | Reigning premier makes its move

 Tuesday 5th November 2019
 Dimboola and District Tennis Association

Dimboola and District Tennis | Reigning premier makes its move
Reigning Dimboola and District Tennis Association premier Hopetoun has risen up the ladder after a strong win over Brim on Saturday.

In other matches, Rainbow defeated Antwerp, Arkona overcame Dimboola, and the match between Jeparit and Warracknabeal was washed out.

Hopetoun leap-frogged Brim on the ladder after claiming all five points on offer and joined Arkona and Rainbow in the winner’s circle from the round five matches.

A match between Jeparit and Warrack Gold was washed out.

Boosted by three substitute players from Brim, Hopetoun ran out victors on the day when they claimed 13 sets to five, winning a tense mixed section before claiming points in both the Men’s and Ladies sections.

Hopetoun jumped out of the blocks to claim the first three sets in the mixed section before securing the opening point with a tight tie-break win to Brad Weir and Shiarne Petschel.

The Men’s section saw Hopetoun win four of the six sets, 45 games to 31, while the Hopetoun ladies were in dominant form to claim the section five sets, 51 games to one set, 30 games.

At the Health and Fitness Centre courts, Arkona proved too strong for Dimboola, winning the day with four match points to one.

Playing six ladies and five men, a singles clash opened proceedings which saw a win to Dimboola’s Breanna Eldridge 9-5 before Arkona claimed the remaining sets to claim the section five sets to one, 50 games to 23.

Arkona dominated the Men’s section with a clean sweep of sets, winning 45 games to 11. while the Dimboola ladies turned the tables to claim their point for the day.

A dominant display saw Dimboola win five of the six sets played to claim the section 52 games to 33.

At Rainbow, the home side claimed a tightly contested match against Antwerp, winning four match points to one.

Playing four men and four ladies, all sections were hotly contested with Rainbow coming from behind to win the mixed section after losing the opening two sets 9-7, 9-8.

But strong 9-7 and 9-2 wins ensured the opening point of the day, 33 games to 27.

Rainbow’s men were in good form winning three sets to claim the section 30 games to 16, while the ladies section saw another tense display when Antwerp claimed their point for the day, winning two sets, 31 games to two sets, 22 games.

Ladder after Round FIve

Warrack Gold  26

Round Five Results

Brim 0 match points, 5 sets, 97 games lost to Hopetoun 5 match points, 13 sets, 145 games.

Mixed: Lachie Stewart, Simone Lindsay lost to Jacob Holm, Brodie Hallam 3-9, Hugh Keam, Casey Quick lost to Mal McLean, Remy George 6-9, Paul & Erin Slater lost to Alex Kavoor, Lachie Golder (sub) 1-9, Cam Blinman, Amanda Marshman lost to Brad Weir, Shiarne Petschel 8-9, Patrick Lindsay, Elissa Preston d Ollie Hallam, Merilly Keam (sub) 9-7, Darren Marshman, Molly Stewart d Declan Brown, Tia Credlin (sub) 9-6.

Men: L. Stewart, C. Blinman lost to J. Holm, A Kavoor 4-9, D. Marshman, P. Slater d B. Weir, O. Hallam 9-7, L. Stewart, H. Keam lost to J. Holm, M. McLean 4-9, D. Marshman, P. Lindsay lost to B. Weir, D. Brown 3-9, J. Keam (sub), C. Blinman lost to M. McLean, A. Kavoor 2-9, P. Slater, P. Lindsay d O. Hallam, D. Brown 9-2.

Ladies: C. Quick, E. Slater lost to R. George, S. Petschel 2-9, A. Marshman, M. Stewart lost to L. Golder, M. Keam 4-9, C. Quick, S. Lindsay d R. George, B. Hallam 9-6, A. Marshman, E. Preston lost to L. Golder, T. Credlin 3-9, S. Lindsay, E. Slater lost to B. Hallam, S. Petschel 6-9, M. Stewart, E. Preston lost to M. Keam, T. Credlin 6-9.

Dimboola 1 match point, 6 sets, 86 games lost to Arkona 4 match points, 11 sets, 128 games.

Singles: Breanna Eldridge d Meaghan Pohlner 9-5.

Mixed: Tom Magee, Rianna Kuhne lost to Mitchell Jorgensen, Elizabeth Klinge 3-9, John O’Halloran, Jenni Hauselberger lost to Nick Pietsch, Tracey Jorgensen 1-9, Rob and Bec Barry lost to Russell Hunter, Rachael Pellegrino 5-9, Luke Hunter (sub), Danni Taylor lost to Jonty & Karen Hunter 3-9, Harry & Kate Clark lost to Gordon Klinge, Jo Wolthuis 2-9.

Ladies: B. Eldridge, R. Kuhne d M. Pohlner, T. Jorgensen 9-8, K. Clark, B. Barry d R. Pellegrino, K. Hunter 9-2, B. Eldridge, J. Hauselberger lost to M. Pohlner, E. Klinge 7-9, K. Clark, D. Taylor d R. Pellegrino, J. Wolthuis 9-3, J. Hauselberger, R. Kuhne d E. Klinge, T. Jorgensen 9-7, B. Barry, D. Taylor d K. Hunter, J. Wolthuis 9-1.

Men: T. Magee, J. O’Halloran lost to M. Jorgensen, R. Hunter 3-9, L. Hunter, H. Clark lost to J. Hunter, G, Klinge 0-9, T. Magee, R. Barry lost to M. Jorgensen, N. Pietsch 7-9, J. O’Halloran, H. Clark lost to R. Hunter, G. Klinge 1-9, R. Barry, L. Hunter lost to N. Pietsch, J. Hunter 0-9.

Rainbow 4 match points, 7 sets, 85 games d Antwerp 1 match point, 5 sets, 74 games.

Mixed: Marc Edelsten, Penny Fisher lost to Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig 7-9, Simon Clugston, Rowie Keller lost to Daniel Greig, Emily Polack 8-9, Jacob Cocks, Tracey Jorgensen d Rhys Boehm (sub), Heather Jorgensen 9-7, Eddie & Lauren Hallam d Colleen Petschel (sub), Samantha Baker 9-2.

Men: S. Clugston, E. Hallam d T. Jorgensen, R. Boehm 9-2, M. Edelsten, J. Cocks lost to D. Greig, C. Petschel 3-9, S. Clugston, M. Edelsten d T. Jorgensen, D. Greig 9-3, E. Hallam, J. Cocks d R. Boehm, C. Petschel 9-2.

Ladies: P. Fisher, T. Tregenza d A. Greig, H. Jorgensen 9-8, R. Keller, L. Hallam lost to E. Polack, S. Baker 1-9, P. Fisher, R. Keller lost to A. Greig, E. Polack 3-9, T. Tregenza, L. Hallam d H. Jorgensen, S. Baker 9-5.

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