Mighty Mussel continues The Wimmera’s Flowing Tale

A Magnificent Mighty Mussel named Mallee is the latest storyteller to highlight the importance of healthy Wimmera waterways.

Mallee the Mighty Mussel shares the amazing lifecycle of the humble freshwater mussel and the important function mussels play in keeping rivers healthy.

From sporting champions to community icons to animated catfish and redgums, Wimmera CMA has shared The Wimmera’s Flowing Tale in many creative ways over the past two decades. Through environmental flows and community and private landholder projects that protect and revegetate around rivers and creeks, we are ensuring we continue The Wimmera’s Flowing Tale for many years to come…

Revisit some of The Wimmera’s Flowing Tales on Wimmera CMA’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtZxup-8zY5X3BIcmSZBPlQ

2005 - Adam Goodes nearly loses the first of his two AFL Brownlow Medals down a Wimmera stormwater drain

2007 - Local voices, through animated red gums and tell the Wimmera’s Flowing Tale in Water…it’s only part of the story

2011 - Coxy’s Big Break visits Dimboola to see the changes to community and river health from summer 2011 floods that return water to Wimmera waterways after 13 years of drought

2017 - Angling identity Rex Hunt takes people on a journey of the Wimmera River through the eyes of anglers, with a particular emphasis on how the river connects communities

2019 - Marathon swimmer Tammy Van Wisse, also known as the ‘Human Water Quality Tester’, highlights how much people rely on healthy waterways for their physical and mental health

Winter flows

After three years of below average flows in our waterways, we experienced our driest July since 1997. This makes conditions challenging for our waterways. The volume of water available for environmental flows has gradually reduced and no environmental flows are planned for winter. If conditions remain dry there will only be enough water for occasional flows during spring and summer to protect priority refuge pools.

Small volumes are planned from the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline to:
  • Sawpit Swamp (Longerenong)
  • Wal Wal Swamp
  • Carapugna (Watchem)