B-Doubles Community Consultation

At the Council Meeting held on Wednesday 3 March 2021, Hindmarsh Shire Council resolved to give public notices of its proposed guidelines for assessing roads for the suitability of carrying B-Doubles.

The guidelines have been drafted to provide guidance, standards and processes for future gazetting of B Double roads within the Hindmarsh municipality through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

Hindmarsh Shire Council are seeking written feedback on the proposed guidelines and will consider at the Council meeting to be held from 3:00pm on Wednesday 5 May 2021 at the Nhill Memorial Community Centre.

Copies of the proposed guidelines will be available for inspection at the Customer Service Centres in Dimboola, Jeparit, Nhill and Rainbow, as well as on the Council website www.hindmarsh.vic.gov.au/have-your-say.

Written feedback in relation to the proposed guidelines must be received before 5pm on Friday 26 March 2021. Feedback should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and posted to Hindmarsh Shire Council PO Box 250 Nhill VIC 3418, or emailed to info@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au. An electronic submission form will also be available on Council’s website.

Any person requiring further information regarding the guidelines can contact Angela Hoy, Director Infrastructure Services, on 03 539 14444 or email ahoy@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au.

Greg Wood
Chief Executive Officer