The Dimboola and District Tennis Association finals have arrived,m but unfortunately, so did the weather.

The first match played was Hopetoun playing Jeparit at the Hopetoun courts. The excitement and enthusiasm of the Jeparit team making a long-awaited finals appearance was high, but they would have to control that energy and play out of their skins when taking on the seasoned campaigners of Hopetoun.

With rain imminent, play commenced on time, the first set being a tie-breaker, Hopetoun quickly ran away to an early lead, but Jeparit fought back with a solid set, then Hopetoun consolidated by securing the mixed section five sets to one.

Light rain began to fall, so after a short delay, games resumed and the match was completed. Hopetoun men provided some strong competition for Jeparit winning all but one set, and in the ladies’ section, Jeparit ladies worked extremely hard and made it to several tie-breakers, but luck was not on their side and Hopetoun won the section six sets to nil.

Hopetoun 5 match points, 16 sets, 150 games defeated Jeparit 0 match points, 2 sets and 79 games.
The other semi-final was played between Antwerp and Warrack Gold at the Health & Fitness Courts in Dimboola.

Players arrived on Saturday, but unfortunately, the rain arrived at a similar time and continued for several hours. The match was postponed until Sunday and was played out in near perfect conditions.

This match was predicted to be close as very little has separated them in recent years, and as the day went on, it lived up to the hype expected and came down to the wire to get a definitive result.

In the mixed section, Warrack got out of the blocks early with a two-set lead, but Antwerp clawed them back to claim the next three sets, then Warrack dug deep to win the final set. The higher placed team, Antwerp, secured the section point, 3 sets 44 games to 3 sets 37 games.

The men’s section was a good contest, with Warrack Gold fighting hard to win one set, but the Antwerp men were overall too strong and won the match point 5 sets 49 games to 1 set 30 games.

The ladies section proved to be equally contested, but Warrack Gold managed to reverse the results to their favour. The last set was still on, but everyone including the referee was busily counting up the score, to see what the game’s score was and what was required for each team to secure their place in next week’s final.

The players weren’t aware of the “knife-edge” that the match result was on, but the tension was building amongst the spectators and players. The set finally finished, with Warrack Gold successful, winning the ladies section 6 sets 54 games to 0 sets 27 games and ensuring a grand final berth by the barest of margins, one game.

Warrack Gold 3 match points, 10 sets, 121 games defected Antwerp 2 match points, 8 sets, 120 games.

Next week, the Grand Final will be played between Hopetoun and Warrack Gold at the Hopetoun courts. Ideally, the match will commence at 1 pm on Saturday, but the weather forecast will be monitored and could impact the actual time and day of the match.

Semi-Final Results

Antwerp 2 points, 8 sets, 120 games lost to Warrack Gold 3 points, 10 sets, 121 games

Mixed: Nathan Jorgensen, Abbey Greig lost to Sean McKenzie, Emma Koschitzke 3-9, Tim Jorgensen, Tahlia Avery lost to Mitch Greenwood, Sarah Spicer 7-9, Chris Avery, Emily Polack d Dan McKenzie, Lauren Kellett 9-4, Daniel Greig, Alicia Albrecht d Dave & Rikki Nitschke 9-6, Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen d Chris Kellett, Jan Greenwood 9-0, Simon Albrecht, Ant Toet lost to Harry Allen, Carolyn Morcom 7-9.

Men: N. Jorgensen, C. Avery d S. & D. McKenzie 9-6, D. Clark, D. Greig d D. Nitschke, C. Kellett 9-2, N. & T. Jorgensen lost to S. McKenzie, M. Greenwood 4-9, D. Clark, S. Albrecht d D. Nitschke, H. Allen 9-5, T. Jorgensen, C. Avery d M. Greenwood, D. McKenzie 9-3, D. Greig, S. Albrecht d C. Kellett, H. Allen 9-5.

Ladies: A. Greig, A. Albrecht lost to S. Spicer, L. Kellett 5-9, T. Avery, H. Jorgensen lost to R. Nitschke, J. Greenwood 7-9, A. Greig, E. Polack lost to S. Spicer, E. Koschitzke 4-9, T. Avery, A. Toet lost to R. Nitschke, C. Morcom 3-9, E. Polack, A. Albrecht lost to E. Koschitzke, L. Kellett 4-9, H. Jorgensen, A. Toet lost to J. Greenwood, C. Morcom 4-9.

Hopetoun 5 points 16 sets 150 games d Jeparit 0 points 2 sets 79 games

Mixed: Jacob Holm, Remy George d Rory O’Halloran, Ebony Spokes 9-8, Taylor Donnan, Trudi Cook d Ben Inkster, Lu Cross 9-2, Mal McLean, Jonti George d Jason Hutson, Rebecca Schultz 9-2, Jonty Bellinger, Bridget Williams lost to Daniel Keam, Elly Schumann 1-9, Lou White, Nicole McLean d Mick Preston, Yolande Hutson 9-1, Zac Robins, Tahlia Durie d Brett Schultz, Erin Preston 9-5.

Men: J. Holm, M. McLean d R. O’Halloran, D. Keam 9-3, L. White, J. Bellinger d J. Hutson, B. Schultz 9-3, J. Holm, T. Donnan d R. O’Halloran, B. Inkster 9-2, L. White, Z. Robins d J. Hutson, M. Preston 9-3, T. Donnan, A. Schache (emerg.) d B. Inkster, D. Keam 9-1, J. Bellinger, Z. Robins lost to B. Schultz, M. Preston 5-9.

Ladies: R. & J. George d E. Spokes, E. Schumann 9-2, B. Williams, N. McLean d R. Schultz, Y. Hutson 9-6, R. George, T. Cook d E. Spokes, L. Cross 9-7, B. Williams, T. Durie d R. Schultz, E. Preston 9-8, T. Cook, J. George d L. Cross, E. Schumann 9-8, N. McLean, T. Durie d Y. Hutson, E. Preston 9-0.