Victoria Police launched their Easter safety blitz this morning, with Operation Nexus to run from 12.01 am tonight until 11.59pm Monday 5 April 2021 which will be targeting speed, drink and drug driving and mobile phone use.

With large numbers of people travelling long distances or on unfamiliar roads to get to holiday destinations, police will also be targeting fatigue, asking drivers to plan their trip and rest regularly when on Victoria’s busy roads.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Specialist Operations Libby Murphy said “This Easter long weekend there will be more vehicles on our roads as people make their way to holiday areas, but unfortunately with this, we’ll see more high-risk driving, where some people make poor decisions to speed or drink drive.”

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) Driver Reviver sites will be operating at 25 roadside locations to encourage drivers to stop, rest and refresh.

Over the past five Easter long weekends, six lives have been lost and a further 864 people injured.

Further, a total of 33,776 traffic and criminal offences have been detected over the same period, including 15,792 for speeding.

As part of this campaign, Victoria Police has released a video in which a road trauma survivor shares his story about how “one second” driving on a road changed his life, and many other lives, forever, highlighting the long lasting impact intentional high-risk behaviour behind the wheel can have and the ripple effect on those who are left behind.

In the video the father of a road trauma victim also tells of his grief after attending the roadside where his daughter died.

On 27 May 2019, two people died when their vehicle lost control at high speed and collided with an oncoming car in Mt Eliza. The driver of the second vehicle sustained life-long serious injuries, and he shares his story, as he continues to recover both mentally and physically, as part of a video piece about the consequences of high risk driving.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Specialist Operations Libby Murphy said “We’re reminded of the tragic consequences of intentional high risk driving in this compelling video that we’ve launched today.

“These are real and terribly sad stories. And if you don’t want to listen to police tell you the reasons not to take risks on our roads, listen to them.

“It can be one second - whether it’s speeding, drink or drug driving or using your phone – that can lead to tragic consequences.

“This long weekend, please don’t make a decision behind the wheel that could ruin your life or those around you. Don’t speed to get to your destination faster, don’t drink or take drugs before driving, put your mobile phone down and your seatbelt on, and make regular stops if you’re feeling tired.”

The full video is available on the Victoria Police Facebook page.