Our farming community are gearing up for their cropping season, some in my area have already started. As happens every year, there is the usual pre-season jitters about rainfall, however, I am quietly confident the rains will come, if anything like Queensland and Sydney recently we may end up with too much. Not in the Mallee though. The new Radar bought rain when it was turned on last year, we may have to bump up the Amps, Hertz, Volts or whatever to get things going.

On a serious note, Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre ran a very successful "Start Up Day" recently, very well attended and amazingly well organised, I must pay tribute to Rob Lynch and his team for their dedication to preserving the significant roll the aerodrome played in WW2.

Outdoor dining street furniture is and has been installed in all four towns in our shire, enabled through government grant funding. It is a great enhancement to our streetscapes to help present our towns to the tourism trade that is beginning to flow through.

The tender for the Rainbow Library has been awarded and will commence in the not-too-distant future and "hot of the press" our Nhill library has just been allocated $87,500 to upgrade/refurbish which will bring all four libraries up to date.

Woorak-Ni Ni-Lorquon road is being widened at the moment and is one of many projects being upgraded.

All in all, our shire is busting at the seams with grants, Local Government Acts and tourism projects. A great situation to be in, but we must take the utmost advantage of it.

Enjoy your day.

Cr Ron Ismay