Hindmarsh Landcare Network have announced that they have regretfully cancelled their Project Hindmarsh community planting weekend for 2021.

The Board made the decision due to the ongoing uncertainty and associated risk due to the pandemic.

They cited snap lockdowns in Victoria in February, Queensland and New South Wales in March, and recently in Western Australia, as highlighting the speed with which circumstances can change.

“The board does not want to risk a planting weekend failure due to another snap lockdown, risk the health of our volunteers who come up for the weekend, nor risk the health of our local communities,” a representative said.

“We realise this decision may be a huge disappointment to everyone who has supported Project Hindmarsh over the years and look forward to the planting weekends. It’s disappointing to everyone here as well. The plants will still get planted, as we have engaged contractors again to get the plants in the ground.”

Plans are going ahead though for Project Hindmarsh 2022 – its 25th year. The weekend of Saturday 2nd/Sunday 3rd July 2022 is the date to pencil into your diary for that event.