Artwork has been completed on the first silo in Hindmarsh Shire to join the Silo Art Trail.

The Albacutya Silo site, ten kilometres north of Rainbow, presents an important strategic position in establishing a tourism route link between the Yarriambiack silos and West Wimmera silos. It has been funded as part of the state government’s “Wimmera Southern Mallee Destination Management Plan” implementation funding leveraged through the Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Partnership. The viewing site works will be funded by Hindmarsh Shire Council.

Melbourne artist Kitt Bennett was inspired to create an artwork that tells a story of growing up in the country as a youth. Kit said: “I have fond memories of exploring the bush and looking for yabbies under rocks in creeks with my parents. Reflecting on this weird and wonderful time as an adult is something that brings me a lot of happiness.”

“I wanted to keep the artwork somewhat surreal and distorted from reality. Much like the nature of stories from the past. They often become exaggerated.”

“I wanted to make this painting very bright and full of colour in an attempt to reflect the rainbow theme and to separate it from its environment. The Silo itself is old but the artwork aims to breathe a new life into the landscape.”

Above - Kitt Bennett in front of the finished artwork on the Albacutya silo.

Visitors are asked to use the designated viewing area, as access to the silo site is prohibited. Further work is continuing at the viewing area which will include information signage about the artwork and the Silo Art Trail. An Augmented Reality experience is in the final stages of development which will add to the fun and quirkiness of the artwork.

This Silo Art Trail project was made possible by the Victorian State Government, Wimmera Mallee Tourism and Hindmarsh Shire Council.

Hindmarsh Shire Council Mayor, Ron Ismay said “Council commends Kitt on his outstanding work. The vivid colours and style add a distinctive modern take on the Silo Art Trail. It is great to see the fun of growing up in the Mallee represented in the art along with a nod to Lake Albacutya’s past as a great place to catch yabbies”.