Forest Fire Management are planning to ignite two planned burns in the Little Desert within the next twenty-four hours, conditions permitting.

On Sunday 30th May smoke may be visible from Dimboola, Pimpinio, Wail, Natimuk, and throughout the district from the two burns, taking place 10km north-east of Nurcoung (Jungkum Track) and 13km west of Pimpinio (McCabes Hut Track).

The Jungkum Track burn is a 355 hectare fuel reduction burn and is part of the overall Little Desert National Park hazard reduction strategy to reduce the spread and intensity of bushfires. It aims to prevent bushfires from spreading within the Little Desert National Park and impacting private property by creating internal and edge breaks.

The McCabes Hut Track burn is larger, at 4,854 hectares, and is to promote ecological resilience in Heathland (sands) by manipulating the growth stage distribution. This burn will only be targeting specific vegetation types aiming for 30% coverage of the burn area.

Map from Forest Fire Management Victoria and correct at 3.45pm Saturday 29th May 2021.