Residents of and visitors to towns across Hindmarsh may have noticed two new sets of signage at major entry points to these towns over recent weeks.

Hindmarsh Shire Council have installed town and shire entry signs in line with their current logo and VicRoads signage guidelines, replacing older, fading signs. These follow the initial installation of signs on the Western Highway in February last year.

‘Community Gateways’ have also been completed at the entries to Dimboola and Jeparit as part of a broader road safety initiative by Regional Roads Victoria in partnership with the TAC.

Large speed limit signs with green backgrounds and featuring the town’s name have been installed at these towns’ main entry points with line-markings on the road to designate the ‘gateway’.

These follow the installation of signage and line-markings at Nhill last year.

VicRoads say that this combination of line-marking and signage makes it easier to see the speed limit and serve as a reminder to motorists that they are entering a built-up area and to slow down.

“We’ll be placing community gateways in towns across Victoria with populations between 500 and 5,000 people.

“We’ll focus on locations where the speed limit drops significantly [by 20km/h or more] to 60km/h and where it may not be clear to drivers that they are entering a local community.”

These gateways will continue to be rolled out in towns across Victoria throughout 2021 with 44 to be completed before the end of the year, taking the total to over 200.