Whether you have only visited or lived here all your life, there will be aspects of life in the Wimmera that you haven’t experienced yet.

Much of what makes the Wimmera unique is covered in the new book The Wimmera - A journey through western Victoria that is available from this week and is a companion book The Mallee - A journey through north-west Victoria that was released last year.

The book was originally to be launched at the Wimmera Steampunk Festival in early September, and despite this event being postponed, author Adam McNicol still plans to visit Dimboola on September 4 to sign copies of the book from 10 am at the Imaginarium in Lochiel Street. Although this will be low-key compared to the original plans, the local CWA will serve tea and coffee.

There are still plans for a big launch for the book in the region when the festival happens.

The team that contributed to ‘The Mallee’ book again came together to release this follow-up title in a similar format of text and photographs encompassing life in the region.

Above - One of the stunning pictures from the book - The moon rises behind Dimboola’s Victoria Hotel.

The contributors include author Adam McNicol, photojournalists Noel Butcher, David Callow, Andrew Chapman, Melanie Faith Dove, Erin Jonasson and Jaime Murcia, and Dimboola’s Tracey Rigney wrote the forward.

The inspiration for their journey around the Wimmera came from a railway map from the 1950s.

Chapters are based on a 1950s railway map, with each covering a different track section, including the mainline from Glenorchy to Serviceton, the branch lines, and several long-closed lines, but a few detours were also taken to places further off the beaten track

The team came across many unique places and personalities in their travels and have used the pages of this book to make them come alive with their photographic skills and informative writing.
Author Adam McNicol, who grew up in the tiny town of Manangatang in western Victoria, oversaw the project and wrote the words. He remarks, “The Wimmera is a land full of contrasts, from dryland scrub in the north to stately trees and rolling green hills in the south, and our journey takes you to every corner of this most interesting region. There has never been a better time to celebrate what’s in our backyard, and the Wimmera is such an interesting place. On our travels, we learned about the region’s Indigenous history, including the celebrated cricket team that toured England in the 1860s. We met fifth- and sixth-generation farmers and came across so many people who are proud to call the Wimmera home. Plus, we were extra lucky to walk away from Warracknabeal with a prized scone recipe!

“We hope to inspire readers to check out the Wimmera for themselves. And even if you can’t travel there, ‘The Wimmera: A journey through western Victoria’ can take you on a journey through the region from the comfort of your couch.“
This book was released last week, and plenty of stock is available from the Imaginarium in Dimboola, direct from the publisher, Ten Bag Press, and from a host of other stockists that are listed on the publisher’s website.

The chapters cover Glenorchy to Serviceton, Remlaw to Apsley, Rupanyup to Watchem, Minyip to Galaquil, and Antwerp to Telopea Downs, and local locations featured include Dimboola, Antwerp, Ebenezer Mission, Jeparit, Lake Hindmarsh, and Nhill.

The cover of the new book - The Wimmera - A journey through western Victoria - photo by Andrew Chapman.
‘The Wimmera: A journey through western Victoria’ is available to purchase in Dimboola.

Contact Chan at the Dimboola Imaginarium on 0425 705 591 to organise payment and pickup or delivery during the lockdown.