Commencing next Monday, work will be undertaken on several stretches of the Dimboola-Rainbow Road to improve safety.

The project will see a total of 16.2 kilometres of the road widened on both sides and resealed to improve safety along a stretch of road that has witnessed four crashes, three of which resulted in serious injuries.

The works will take place at locations between a point just north of Tarranyurk and Sanders Street in Rainbow.

From Monday 13 September through to November, crews will be onsite from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 5 pm, and whilst during this time there will be no detours or land closures, there may be delays of around five minutes.

Safety improvements along the road will include widening and sealing on both sides to provide additional road surface, applying audio tactile line marking, and shoulder sealing. All of these improvements are designed to increase the safety of drivers on the road.

These upgrades are being funded by the Victorian and Australian Government’s $300 million Road Safety Program.

Above - the southern-most section to be improved is between Tarranyurk and Jeparit, from just south of King Road to a point north of Gawith Lane, near Witneys Hill.