It’s that time of year again - daylight savings begins this Sunday morning at 2am, when clocks go forward to 3am.

Most phones, tablets and computers will update automatically, but the old clock on the wall or your bedside alarm clock will need to be changed before you go to bed on Saturday night.

The first occurrence of daylight savings time in Australia was during World War I. The Commonwealth put DST into place across the country in 1917, when it was observed from 1st January to 25th March. It was discontinued after the war but reintroduced for three summers during World War II.

Legislation was passed in 1971 by all states (except WA and NT) to run a trial of DST again. It was made a permanent fixture on the calendar in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia in 1972.

When does it end?
Daylight savings runs from 2am (lose an hour, becomes 3am) Sunday, 3 October 2021 to 3am (gain an hour, back to 2am) on Sunday, 3 April 2022