Several local recreational lakes are amongst sixteen across the Wimmera and Mallee that will to topped up from GWMWater’s reserves for the upcoming summer season.

The Rainbow and Yaapeet lakes and the Warracknabeal weir pool (above) will share in 400 megalitres of top-up water

At its September meeting, GWMWater’s Board committed to supplying pipeline recreation lakes for the fourth consecutive year, with the commitment made due to confidence in the resource position with favourable inflows to Grampians storages during winter.

GWMWater was able to make the commitment based on its water resource holdings in both the Grampians and Northern River systems relative to demands on the system.

In addition to the 2.690 ML allocated securing supply for pipeline-supplied recreation lakes, GWMWater has offered a further 2,500 ML recreation supply to top-up Horsham’s Green Lake, funded by Horsham Rural City Council. The transfer will be completed by mid-November.

GWMWater Managing Director Mark Williams said the water corporation Board recognised the importance of lakes and weir pools in the region.

Due to their recreational and environmental value, supply to these water bodies was an integral part of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline business case. These benefits have been demonstrated in a five-year Street Ryan study which assessed the impact of recreation water in the region. Researchers determined the economic contribution of recreation water in the region to be about $30 million each year.

Mr Williams said as well as being an environmental and recreational haven for locals, recreation lakes and weir pools were proving to be popular destinations for visitors to the region.

Despite good winter rainfall, inflows to Grampians reservoirs are tracking at 68% of the historical average.

“We have been monitoring our water resource position closely to ensure that we have enough water to supply our urban and rural customers not just this year, but in the years ahead,” Mr Williams said. “Thanks to a relatively wet winter and even some good rainfall this week, we are thrilled to now be in a position to make a combined 5,780 megalitres available for recreational use.”

Pipeline-supplied lakes and weir pools benefiting from recreation top-up:

Beulah Weir Pool 130 ML
Brim Weir Pool 110 ML
Donald Caravan Park Lake 50 ML
Donald Weir Pool 50 ML
Green Lake, Sea Lake 400 ML
Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun 250 ML
Lake Marma, Murtoa 150 ML
Ouyen Lake280 ML
Rainbow and Yaapeet lakes  100 ML
Tchum Lake, Birchip450 ML
Walkers Lake, Avon Plains300 ML
Warracknabeal Weir Pool 150 ML
Watchem Lake 160 ML
Wooroonook Lake700 ML
Total2,690 ML

Additional recreation water committed

Green Lake, Horsham   2,5000 ML