Hindmarsh Shire Council last month approved the extension of the current waste and recycling collection contracts with Wimmera Mallee Waste to align with the collaborative procurement process.

“Council appreciates the services Wimmera Mallee Waste has provided in the past and look forward to its ongoing services while the kerbside waste and recycling reforms are being introduced,” Hindmarsh Mayor Ron Ismay said.

Hindmarsh Shire Council, in conjunction with three neighbouring Councils, is currently working towards a collaborative procurement process for waste, recycling and transportation service contracts to be implemented by 1st July 2022. Council envisage that cost savings can be made by collective bargaining.

This is in the context of broader changes to the way that recycling is collected and processed are in the pipeline across the state with a standard four-bin waste and recycling system to be implemented over the coming decade.

The Victorian Government plans to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme in 2023, with the aim of reducing the volume of recyclable plastic deposited in kerbside collections and at Transfer Stations.

A rollout of additional bins is also on the cards, with glass to be collected by 2027 and Food Organics Garden Organics – FOGO – to have a dedicated collection by 2030.

Standard bin lid colours will be rolled out - red for general waste, yellow for mixed recycling, purple for glass, and green for FOGO.