Today we will pause at 11 am to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice during conflicts.

This year also marks the completion of the project to renovate the Dimboola Avenue of Honour.
“A monument to the memory of our noble dead was no trifling matter, and there was no greater crime than that of forgetting” - Rev. H.R.Fining, Anglican Rector, Longford, Tasmania.

In readiness for Remembrance Day 2021, Dimboola’s War Memorial Avenue of Honour extension has the addition of three trees to complete the row. These trees represent Australia’s defence services: Navy, Army, Airforce.

The seven trees of “the extension” each have a new concrete plinth and are fitted with their plaques. This includes four memorial trees to honour men mistaken on the Roll of Honour that were planted by relatives of the four men at a dedication ceremony in May 2017.

The three new service plaques feature their individual service insignia, plus the inscription: “With grateful thanks to all who served”.

RSL Dimboola member volunteers made the new concrete plinths.

The Avenue of Honour restoration project has now been completed with these recent works.

The Avenue of Honour Restoration Project has been a collaboration of Dimboola Memorial Secondary College (DMSC) and Dimboola RSL Sub-branch, which commenced in 2015 with the planning phase marking the centenary of the First World War/WW1.

Replacement trees were planted in 2016 and 2017, as well as the new trees in the “the extension”.

2019 saw the creation of the new landscaped commemorative site alongside the memorial garden near the World War 2 Memorial Gates at the main entrance to DMSC featuring the information board.

A poem by H. Brew, which was written for the Ballarat Avenue of Honour, can also apply to Dimboola’s.
All who tread this avenue of life
Remember those who bowed beneath the strife
Each leaf a laurel grows with deathless fame
And every tree reveals a hero’s name.
Dimboola’s own whose duty nobly done is indeed honourably remembered.

Lest We Forget.

- Charles Rees, Dimboola RSL Sub-Branch