The team behind the popular book, The Wimmera - A journey through western Victoria, has finally had the chance to return to the area to launch the book officially.

The original date for this event was back in September to coincide with the Wimmera Steampunk Festival, but both events had to be postponed due to a lockdown. With the recent easing of restrictions it became possible to host the event.

In front of a crowd of around thirty, the author of the book, Adam McNicol, and several of the photographers were present at the Dimboola Imaginarium on Saturday morning to mingle with locals and sign copies of the book.

The official part of the event took place on the steps in front of the Imaginarium, with McNicol saying a few words about the book and the experience of bringing it all together before Dimboola local filmmaker Tracey Rigney, who contributed the Foreword for the book, conducted the official launch.

Above - The author and several photographers who contributed to the Wimmera book; photographer Dave Callow, author Adam McNicol, photographer Phil Campbell, photographer Erin Jonasson, and photographer Noel Butcher.

Due to the inclement weather, the CWA moved their morning tea stall to the RSL hall and, unfortunately, the planned performance by the Nhill-Dimboola band had to be cancelled.

Adding to the occasion, many locals and visitors took advantage of the many shops that were open in the town, including new shops Dimboola Vintage and photographer Andrew Bertuleit’s new gallery, both in Lloyd Street, and the Dimboola Olive Estate pop-up shop in the old Union Bank building in Victoria Street.