Work is anticipated to commence early next year on safety improvements on the Western Highway at the Nhill-Jeparit Road intersection on the eastern outskirts of Nhill.

The highway will be realigned at this intersection to increase the distance between the road and the adjacent main Melbourne to Adelaide railway line to improve safety for road users waiting to cross.

The works will include pavement widening along the Western Highway, updated signage, pavement rehabilitation, new and updated line marking, and new raised reflective pavement markers.

The Western Highway and Nhill-Jeparit Road intersection is an important route for grain production, transporting grain to and from the Nhill grain storage facilities.

There are safety concerns, such as short stacking for trucks longer than 20 metres using the intersection. Many of these trucks avoid these safety concerns by using local roads to access the nearby grain storage facilities.

The purpose of these works will be to improve safety for road users whilst waiting to cross the railway line and better access to the grain storage facility on the south side of the highway.

These will also lead to increased efficiency for freight due to not needing to rely on longer detours to access the grain storage facility and will reduce the use of the local roads by heavy freight vehicles.