As we have welcomed 2022, it is positive to see how our communities are adapting to living in a new COVID-19 normal world.

With movement around Victoria and from South Australia remaining open over the summer, Hindmarsh has started the year with the Peter Taylor Memorial Barefoot Water Ski Tournament and Night Jump on the beautiful Wimmera River at Dimboola. This event is one of the largest of its kind in Australia, and a huge congratulation must go to the organising committee for this outstanding weekend. Hindmarsh Council is proud to be a sponsor of the event, and the huge numbers of visitors that come to the event significantly benefits the Hindmarsh economy.

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It was a pleasure to welcome the 2022 Youth Councillors and see future community leaders take up a role to support the youth of Hindmarsh. After the official presentation ceremony, our Youth Council enjoyed a facilitated leadership weekend together in Dimboola. Understanding youth views on important social issues and to work together to develop initiatives to raise awareness of topics such as mental health, climate change and gender diversity and equality, a key part of Council’s role. Council is extremely supportive of the Youth Council and looks forward to the ideas of the 2022 Councillors to make Hindmarsh an even better place to grow up.

I would like to thank the new Town Committee members that have nominated for the 2022 year and encourage any community members to attend meetings, share ideas and engage as a volunteer with Council to build on community based projects.

The inaugural meeting of the West Vic Business Hindmarsh Chapter that was held on Thursday 24 February, starts a new chapter in business networking across Hindmarsh. This forum is an opportunity for the diverse range of businesses within Hindmarsh Shire to come together to consider how collectively, positive change and momentum across the shire’s business community can be generated.

The night was full of energy and optimism about the variety of opportunities that Hindmarsh businesses have to leverage off the unique aspects of our towns and Shire. Reflecting on the characteristics that set our towns apart and the opportunities for draw card events, the attendees were full of ideas. We look forward to quarterly forums, rotating around our four Hindmarsh towns and would encourage anyone in business in Hindmarsh to come along and grow your business by growing Hindmarsh businesses together.

In preparation for the 2022-2023 Council action plan and budget, Council will hold community consultations forums in late March across our communities. Please come along and share your ideas about what you dream for Hindmarsh and how we can work together to build on opportunities and community needs.

The best way to stay informed about upcoming Council events and to read about the progress of Council projects is to subscribe to the Hindmarsh Council newsletter, via the e-news section on the Hindmarsh Shire Council website for a fortnightly email version, or look out at for a monthly printed version at your local library or participating businesses. We would love to keep you up to date and share all the action in Hindmarsh with you.

Cr Melanie Albrecht