Cricket | Warriors C grade win back-to-back titles

The C grade West Wimmera Warriors completed the perfect season in the Horsham Cricket Association by winning the 2021/22 grand final against Horsham Saints Black.

This victory completes a perfect season which saw them win their eleven regular-season games, a semi-final, and the Twenty20 grand final.

C Grade Grand Final - West Wimmera Warriors 141 (J Crowhurst 37, A Dickinson 20, B McQueen 17) defeated Horsham Saints Black 64 (B Zimmermann 2/2, A Dickinson 2/3, B McQueen 2/4)

In perfect conditions on the turf pitch at Dudley Cornell Park in Horsham, the Warriors were invited to bat by the opposition captain and made a confident start with 22 runs in the scorebook before both openers were dismissed on that score.

Several significant partnerships, built around a score of 37 by Jack Crowhurst, 20 by Ash Dickinson, and Jobe Dickinson’s 11, took the score beyond one hundred for the loss of five wickets. Some late hitting by Bailey McQueen (17 from 15 balls) and Bailey Zimmermann (8 not out from 9 balls) saw the team reach 141 when the last batter was dismissed in the final over of the innings.

The Horsham Saints Black batters were determined to make a better start to their run chase than in the Twenty20 grand final last month when they found themselves three wickets down for just one run, but after they lost three wickets without scoring, they were not off to a good start.

After a fourth-wicket fell with the total on six, the innings struggled to gain any momentum, and despite three double-figure scores in the middle order, the Saints Black’s batters took the innings into the 31st of 40 overs but had only scored 64 runs when the last wicket fell.

Ten bowlers were given an opportunity during the innings, with Zimmermann, Ash Dickinson, and McQueen taking two wickets each and four others taking one each.

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Jack Crowhurst was named as the Player of the Match, with his innings-high score of 37 with the bat and one wicket with the ball.

This result continues the Warriors’ impressive run since joining the Horsham Cricket Association in 2018, following the demise of the West Wimmera Cricket Association, which has seen the club win two C grade premierships, in 2020/21 and 2021/22, and the C grade Twenty20 titles in 2019/20 and 2021/22. The club has also won the 2019/20 B grade Twenty20 and One-Day premierships, and the A grade team played off in the grand final in 2020/21.

In the other senior grand finals also played on Saturday, Rupanyup-Minyip overcame the dominant Noradjuha-Toolondo to win the A grade title, and Horsham Saints won the B grade title with an eight runs win over Laharum.

Horsham Cricket Association - C Grade - 2021/22 Grand Final

West Wimmera Warriors won by 77 runs

West Wimmera Warriors First Innings

N Sparlingct. A Hedtb. A Danaha  7
J Weeksct. J Butler   b. J Joseph7
J Crowhurst b. B Devlin37
J Georgerun out 9
A Dickinsonct. J Butlerb. A Danaha20
J Dickinsonlbwb. D Hogan11
L Hahnect. A Danahab. B Sleep2
W Wheatonct. ?b. B Devlin0
T Mitchellct. D Hoganb. B Devlin0
B McQueenlbwb. B Sleep17
B Zimmermann  not out 8
Sundries  23
TOTAL(39.1 Overs)141

Horsham Saints Black Bowling

     O    M    R    W
K Goodwin6290
L Kuriakose  61220
J Joseph62241
A Danaha61132
B Devlin61223
D Hogan3081
B Sleep5.10182
J Butler10140

Horsham Saints Black Innings

B Sleepct. W Wheatonb. B Zimmermann  0
D Hoganct. T Mitchellb. J Crowhurst0
L Kuriakose  lbwb. B Zimmermann0
J Josephct. T Mitchellb. W Wheaton4
A Danahact. J Dickinsonb. N Sparling15
K Goodwinct. T Mitchell   J Weeks17
K Dalgleishnot out 12
J Butlerct. J Georgeb. A Dickinson2
B Devlin b. A Dickinson0
A Hedtct. A Dickinsonb. B McQueen4
N Kirbyct. & b. B McQueen0
Sundries  10
TOTAL(30.4 Overs)64

West Wimmera Warriors Bowling

     O    M    R    W
B Zimmermann  4322
J Crowhurst52111
W Wheaton40161
L Hahne2060
J George3070
B McQueen2.4042
J Dickinson3080
N Sparling2051
J Weeks3211
A Dickinson2132

The victorious grand final team