As the seasons start to change, Hindmarsh Council is preparing for the 2022-23 financial year. We are currently focused on our community consultations where Council meets with community members in each town to understand the projects that are most pressing for our communities.

The four-year Council Plan and Community Vision 2040 adopted in 2021 maps the major themes that Council strives for. In Hindmarsh, we want to work together to be a connected, inclusive and prosperous community.

Every year Council prepares an action plan for that particular financial year and we look forward to ideas from the community as to what can help that community grow, what service delivery needs improving and what could just make the town an even better place to live!

The collective ideas received so far are a great foundation for planning the future of Hindmarsh and we hope you can come along to one of the consultation sessions.

Works are progressing well on the multi-million dollar Albacutya Bridge. It will be pleasing to see this project being delivered after the substantial advocacy by Council to attract such significant funds to the project. Council continues to advocate for road funding and upgrades to key VicRoads infrastructure and community facilities.

The new Rainbow library building is close to completion and will open from 1 April and the refurbishment to the Nhill library will provide all four towns with modern library facilities. The access to significant collections of books means that Hindmarsh residents can borrow books not just from the shelf, but can order in their favourite authors or specialty books.

The library is a great place to access newspapers, DVDs and magazines as well as providing the community with free internet access. If you haven’t visited a library recently I would encourage you to step into a Hindmarsh library and learn about accessing eBooks and audible books for those wanting stories and information in a modern format.

Modern libraries are more than just books, they are community spaces where people can come together, have a cuppa, read a book, chat with friends, use the internet to search for family and hang out after school.

As the school holidays approach, I hope families can share some quality time after a long school term and everyone has a safe and enjoyable Easter.

Cr Melanie Albrecht