The large superload travelled through the Wimmera over the weekend, passing Dimboola on Sunday morning.

The transformer is destined for the Torrens Island Power Station in Adelaide and is nearly 90 metres long, almost the size of two Olympic swimming pools, and weighs around 390 tonnes.

The load commenced its journey on Wednesday evening from the factory in Glen Waverly and travelled across metropolitan Melbourne overnight to reduce the impact on traffic before a layover in Yarraville during the day on Thursday. That evening it continued along the Western Freeway to Ballarat, which for part of the journey, it was required to travel on the wrong side of the freeway.

Upon arrival in Ballarat, the load was parked up until 6.30 am Saturday when it commenced the leg of the journey to Horsham, where it stayed last night.

This morning it departed Horsham and passed Dimboola just before 9 am, and Nhill at 10 am, and despite the damp weather, a large crowd gathered in Nhill to watch it pass through the town.

Above - The Superload has just negotiated the Comercial Hotel Corner in Nhill on its way to South Australia.

The load was hauled at various times during the journey by either one or two prime movers on the front, with another one pushing at the rear, and was escorted by a fleet of smaller utes and vans providing traffic control.

The next scheduled stop is at Bordertown tonight before continuing to Adelaide.