The Wimmera River – life and livability

It is well understood that maintaining healthy Wimmera waterways has both environmental and socio-economic benefits - and the latest results from a six-year study are providing a broad understanding of what this means in dollars and cents.

A text-copy of the full update is available below the image for easy reading.

Consultant Street Ryan estimates this year’s Horsham and Jeparit fishing contests and a barefoot water-ski tournament at Dimboola collectively generated $832,783 in economic activity.

The success of these events involves many individuals, community groups and government organisations working together.

Wimmera CMA’s role is to work with the community to sustain and maintain the health of the river system through works and the use of water for the environment.

“Water releases for the environment are as much about looking after people, communities and livability as about protecting and improving aquatic and riverine ecosystems. Environmental health works hand in glove with socio-economic vibrancy.” Wimmera CMA chief executive David Brennan
  • The analysis of the three Wimmera River events in 2022 is part of Wimmera Development Association’s ongoing assessment of how weirs, lakes and rivers contribute to the regional economy. To access a copy of the latest report please visit
Economic value estimates
Based on supply and demand for goods and services

Horsham Fishing Contest
  • Estimated attendees 1753
  • Financial gain $542,000
Peter Taylor Barefoot Water Ski Tournament and Nightjump
  • Estimated attendees 2200
  • Financial gain $185,051
Jeparit Fishing Contest
  • Estimated attendees 648
  • Financial gain $105,616

Winter Flows

  • We are hoping for significant rain in the catchment during the next few months to boost the impact of the limited amount of water for the environment available to maintain the waterway values we enjoy.
  • Small deliveries are planned for the wetlands of Ranch Billabong near Dimboola and Mutton Swamp near Rupanyup.
Wimmera CMA offers a SMS service to let people know when and where environmental flows are occurring, what they aim to achieve, and flow rates. To sign up, send a sms with the word ‘register’ and your full name and locality to 0427 871 565 or email